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Electric vehicle overloading retrograde car 3 people were injured in the new network – two days three bursts of traffic accidents, killing one person killed four people were injured. The seemingly lightweight electric vehicle and motorcycle body, the pain has been overloaded. According to the data released by the traffic police department in Changsha in recent years, the average daily 400 traffic accidents, half of the electric vehicles and related violations occupied motorized vehicles, traffic violations and other violations of traffic lights are the main incentives. This is a convenient tool for electric cars, why has frequently become "accident," the protagonist "electric tragic story" why repeated? Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Chen Shixian intern Zou Xuan Xuan Changsha reported that 16 evening about 8:47, in a corner near the intersection of West Road of the ancient garden, a qoros car collided with a bus carrying 3 people electric cars, electric car passengers were injured on the ground. Among them, sitting at the end of the most serious female passenger injury. Then, the car went away. The collision accident after the car left the scene Seremban Police Brigade accident squadron squad leader Zhang Dian introduced, the road is narrow, and the electric vehicle retrograde, resulting in two car collision. "When we arrived on the scene, the car has left." The police found in the video to see the scene after the accident, three vehicles paralyzed on the ground, and the right car headlights also seriously impact. But after the accident, the car did not stop, but went away. Due to the location of the video from the scene of the accident there is a certain distance, the car license plate is not clear, the injured and the crowd to describe the car is also different, some people said that the car is Cadillac." Chapter introduction, through the video investigation, with the intersection of the same period of time did not have the models. According to the car finally left the route, police conducted a night video investigation, finally a video surveillance in the west of Hunan Road Bridge on the north side of the entrance ramp, found the car disappeared and accurate license plate number. At this point, according to the accident has been nearly 20 hours. It is reported that this is a dark brown view of the car, license plate number Xiang AT× × 09. After leaving the scene of the accident, the car continued to travel 19 km to the south, to reach an empty parking garage. After getting off the bus, the driver hit a taxi back to a district near Gaoqiao business city in. The perpetrators and wife after a quarrel a bad mood at 6 p.m. on September 17th, car owners driving a vehicle to Guo Furong Traffic Police Brigade surrender. However, before this, the police according to the license plate information, contact the Guo mou. At first, he refused to admit the crash, also said his car can stop at home, until we say mastered sufficient evidence, he felt relieved." "I was arguing with my wife, I was in a bad mood, so I didn’t want to take care of anything." In September 18th, the traffic police brigade accident squadron 122 lotus interrogation room, allegedly hit and run driver Guo said that the night of the incident, he and his wife quarrel, drove out from Xingsha, a road to the intersection. After the crash occurred, Guo said that he felt the body sway相关的主题文章: