[] the wind wave star pupil crew play hi! Liu Ye pig bite-headache怎么读�

[] "the wind wave star pupil" crew play hi! Liu Ye pig bite? Sina entertainment news the day before, Sina launched the new program "entertainment star wind waves" ushered in the first phase of the guests, the movie "the murderer" is directed by Cao Baoping and starring Liu Ye, Zhang Yi [micro-blog] [micro-blog] with the conversation. Film backstage. The recording day, Liu Ye full energy, funny constantly, even in the game to the picture of the sweet potato as chrysanthemum. Liu Ye PK Zhang Yi was a pro Cao Baoping pig sheep with "water drinking Cordyceps" shine the sun burning heart, the past two years, Cao Baoping has become the representative of domestic crime film. In the September 14th release of "new" by Liu Ye, who is also the murderer of Zhang Yi, Duan Bowen, Wang Ziwen starring [micro-blog], with black humor, analyzes behind a murder the fallacy of life. Liu Ye praised the work of Cao Baoping as a Swiss watch, although the details of its Polish may not be outsiders to see, but let the whole work to perfection. In the new program "Sina entertainment star wind waves" of the recording scene, a few creative to share a lot of shooting fun. Zhang Yi said in the life of many for the first time in this movie is realized, "the first time oxygen, first sheep and pig fighting pro, liu…… Every day we spent in laughter." Of course, in the film has experienced many of the first cast to show no less affected by the "torture", not only to read poetry in dialect, also known as "the most difficult to get rid of the mouth to drink mineral water" said Cordyceps water, director Cao Baoping Pinza after also made comments: this is Douzhir (Fermented Soybean Milk) hard to drink. Liu Yecuo did not forget to live when the sweet potato chrysanthemum boasts "handsome" in the film full of absurd humor, while in the program recording on the same day, President Liu Ye was sincere smiles, came to open a small joke, "the name of the program you will not orthomorphic." In the next part of the game, Liu Yecuo took the picture of the sweet potato as chrysanthemum, also assured that holding chrysanthemum people must be the murderer, because inside the play, a representative of the killer thought yellow, yellow is the colour of the sun, do not need to kill killers in secret, but in the sun, so in order to show his occupation." In addition, "no orthomorphic" Liu Ye also played many tricks, the host let him live, he was holding a mobile phone as a mirror, while "shake first Nongzi", while drunken boast "Hao Shuai"; a female fans request and hug him, he not only generous promise, have finished it a: have a snicker to take advantage of the feeling! (Ling Junwen) (commissioning editor: litchi)相关的主题文章: