Katyn director Andre · died at the age of 90; Vajda-tinyos

"Katyn" director Andre · died at the age of 90; Vajda Tencent entertainment news according to foreign media reports, "Katyn", director of the Cannes Film Festival Palme d’Or award and the lifetime achievement award winner Oscar Andre · Vajda has died at the age of 90. Andre · Vajda, director of Poland, was born in Shiwaji. Attended Gura art academy to study painting type cuff. 1954 graduated from the Department of national film director Wuxi university. In 50s and 60s, he produced the "generation", "sewer", "diamonds and ashes," known as the "war trilogy", which is his early masterpiece. He has also made many films based on literary works, such as ash (1965), etc.. His film "constrained land" describes the fate of three young people in Poland in nineteenth Century, was nominated for the best foreign language film Oscar. He is the writer of Poland, the longest life, and have a great to the director of the image modeling. Some of Wajda’s works are thought to have broken through the ideological control of Poland. "Marble" shot in 1976, the film tells the story of the early 50s Kurt labor hero Bill persecution story, this film was at the Cannes International Film Festival International Film awards. 1981 shooting the sequel "Iron Man" (China version of American version) over the set, tells reporters on collecting materials of black marble son, unexpectedly found the people how to murder the marble material, so the reporter of this. The film won the Cannes International Film Festival highest prize palm award. These two films are affected by the multi block, later were released. Western critics believe that their works should be classified as "new wave", that they are the "Poland film school," the creation of the route of development, inherited the traditional romanticism of Poland. Wajda is good at innovation, dare to solve the problem. Although his comments are not the same, but he has established an international reputation, its work is valued by the multi study. In 2007, the launch of Vajda A good sword remains always sharp. "Katyn", the first film in the history of Poland’s most controversial "Katyn" make a positive narrative of the Poland film. In Poland and even the world has aroused strong repercussions. Eight year old Vajda still stuck to their creative ideas for half a century. In 2009, he won the Fred prize for the fifty-ninth Berlin Film Festival with his new "sweet impulse". Spielberg said: "Vajda belongs to Poland, but his film belongs to the cultural wealth of the world!" The old man left many outstanding works so quietly walked all the way, to the elderly. Copyright statement: This article is exclusive Tencent entertainment manuscript, unauthorized, shall not be reproduced, or will be held liable.相关的主题文章: