The battle of five who is king right royal world Chaoge battle moves-瀬名アスカ

The battle of five who is king "right royal world" battle of the universe in "blood right world" special imperial gods world, ghosts were Qi, Sichuan, Penglai, the north, Xuanyuan five countries entrenched in mainland china. The five year war between rival forces, endless disputes, but also the sufferings of the people, who knows? Since not only to the battlefield, the war ended the war! "Anna battle" is "the world" in the top right royal national war games, the country is also the only way which must be passed for the throne of the game. The warriors, great goal you want your faction to reach unification, five dominate the world? Please participate in the exciting battle it chaoge! [for] Chaoge peak of the war triggered at any moment in the battle for the world to Anna it, will have no justifiable reason for the war? In the "right" in the Royal world, countries want to participate in this summit in battle, you need to register in the local princes or general Wangcheng in the "national administrator", deduct 100000 Treasury funding and enrollment. In the successful registration, you can prepare for the sequence of countries officially entered the battle of anna. Saturday 20:00, Chaoge battle start on time on Chaoge battle, the first successful application of countries as the attacking side, and in every war there is only one party in the attack; Chaoge has not yet been occupied by the case, as the occupying power, otherwise it will become the field of battle for the chaoge. This may sound offensive and defensive rules although a bit complicated, but I believe in the actual entry after the war, you will quickly adapt to this rule, and devoted to this passionate blood war! Anna suburb, leading to the battle for ordinary game player Chaoge, Chaoge battle for the work is very simple, as far as possible before the war can enhance their own strength; but if you are one of the princes and generals of the words, please remember: "the right of the world" battle royal Chaoge registration time is Saturday 08:00 to 17:00, once missed that will become their own sinners! [Chaoge battle to kill King Zhou grab yuxi! ] Saturday 20:00 to 21:30, the exciting "right royal world" Chaoge war officially started. Half an hour before the start, the system will prompt for, and to the 20:00 after the fighting began, both offensive and defensive system to more than 50 national war pop-up prompt box, click "confirm" can immediately enter the battlefield to anna! Of course, only to more than 50 national war does not mean that the pop-up prompt box below level 50 game player not involved in this thrilling war, as long as you want to serve the country, under the 50 level game player can still enter into the battlefield by Chaoge neutral zone transfer, in the battle! The five line array eyes fire eye into the battlefield of the game player, will be sent to their respective camps according to the role set, which the set point is located on the map at the top of the palace area, while attacking the set point is positioned below the abandoned barracks map. In the battle at the beginning of all war around the city 5 Zhaoge "five eye" and "Zhou". In the initial state, the last king of the Shang Dynasty "Zhou" in invincible state, and the "five line array in the eye" attack state. Want to kill the king Zhou to enter the battle for second!相关的主题文章: