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European scholars: Hangzhou G20 summit will help Africa to accelerate the industrialization of global economic policy – Sohu news European scholar Dan? Dr. Stein Bock (data plan) International Online Zhuangao: "Nigeria Commercial Daily" (Business Day) website published in August 29th the European global economic policy scholar Dan? (Dan Steinbock) Dr. Stein Bock comments, "the topic is China to host the G20 summit will be given a more important role in Africa and developing countries". The following is the content of the article: the selection of China will help Africa and developing countries to play a more important role in the G20 summit, to help accelerate the process of industrialization in Africa, sharing the fruits of world civilization. Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi in May this year made it clear that China will work together with all parties, and strive to create "ten fruits" in the G20 summit in Hangzhou, there is a correlation with Africa, namely "launched to support the industrial cooperation between Africa and the least developed countries initiative". Wang Yi said, Chinese will encourage G20 member countries to help Africa and the least developed countries to accelerate the process of industrialization, through capacity building, increase investment and infrastructure construction, to help these countries reduce poverty and pursue sustainable development. In the world’s major developed economies have made commitments to help Africa achieve industrialization after 70 years, the people of Africa for any external commitment to show any is the careful, be not at all surprising but this time, China commitment may have different. Currently, South Africa is the only member of the G20 countries in africa. China wants South Africa to play a more important role in the G20, and to institutionalize such roles. At last year’s Forum on China Africa cooperation, Chinese President Xi Jinping has committed $60 billion to support the development of africa. The Hangzhou G20 summit, China has invited more African countries to participate in Africa may become a permanent theme of the G20 summit. In recent years, a new, more polarized world order has begun to emerge, such as the BRICs Development Bank and the establishment of the Asian infrastructure investment bank is one of the signals. In October this year, China’s currency will also join the IMF’s international reserve currency, India’s rupee is also expected to join. All these results are not naturally produced, these results are hard to come by. As one of the clear goals of Africa’s vision for 2063, the road ahead will not be smooth, and the major economies in Africa need to work together to promote greater regional and inter regional cooperation. Ten years ago, I met a senior executive at the world bank in Washington, DC, and we talked about the development of new technologies and the process of industrialization in developing countries. I told him that the spread of new technologies in Asia has led to a more diversified industrial structure, combined with the combination of multinational corporations and local workers, and a similar phenomenon may occur in the future. But he is skeptical, because he feels that Africa only consumes, does not produce. I told him that China’s Shenzhen, in 1970s, was a poor fishing village.相关的主题文章: