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Zhang Rui sudden death, this is what kind of fate? Dr. Zhang Rui, founder of spring rain, sudden death on the eve of the company IPO, familiar, not familiar with, heard the news, a sigh. If the spring doctor erase this particular noun, with "Internet entrepreneur and former media people, 42 years old to look at these labels, perhaps Zhang Ruizhi died may not be on the network spread so widely, also not described in the" shock ". These years, Internet entrepreneurs, and even business founder, media people, the untimely death of the news can be heard without end. Many times, people in addition to regret, is a sigh. From the Internet business point of view, the rain doctor founder Zhang Rui, is in hard way, looking for cracks in the sense of presence, looking for the scale effect and efficiency of the sense of achievement. However, from the point of view of medical and health innovation, Zhang Rui and his doctor of spring, is looking for a more diverse sense of life and health. He is the game, money, not money. No money, his innovation can not be established, entrepreneurship can not be completed. With money, he became responsible for the business for investors, responsible for the social responsibility of the double negative debt form. Can only succeed, not fail. This is a sharp and his spring rain doctor’s fate, but also these years on the Internet to take the lives of innovation and entrepreneurship, almost the same fate. They need too much of the game, financial, policy, legal, social, public opinion…… This is not the only one。 When they don’t have money money, when money to make money, they take life under heavy, tired of entrepreneurial innovation. So, some chance to succeed, some zheji less vibration, some, such as Zhang Rui like this, the termination of life on IPO eve. People sigh, regret is trying to provide health channel to more people in the business channel Zhang Rui, sudden death from the cracks to the summit on the creation of "regret; mobile medical concept of young people, even in the entrepreneurial process did not have a good grasp of their life and health; it is a young the best time for innovators, sudden death money and the future in innovation and entrepreneurship is Tongtan. Innovation, entrepreneurs need their own decompression, need to know how to care for their lives and health. However, the real innovation can be reduced to the entrepreneur, or the entire community for similar to Zhang Rui and his doctor, such as innovative entrepreneurs to provide a healthy, relaxed environment. This society, should not just simply regard them as entrepreneurs to make money, but also should be regarded as an innovator in the achievement of society, come up with the same spring rain moisture, to treat, to care.相关的主题文章: