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Beijing – VIDEO – Zhengzhou Korean War veterans 27 tower singing Yikusitian did not forget the early heart [comment] 2016 is the 80 anniversary of the victory of the Long March, September 13th, Zhengzhou 27 tower, more than 30 Korean War veterans gathered to sing red songs, promote revolutionary spirit, to commemorate the victory of the long March, passionate singing attracted many people stop to listen to. The same period [] (Zhang Jun public) (day) rain, see this in the 27 square, the old soldiers, more than and 80 year old to sing, to promote the red spirit, as we are very touched by the young. The same period [] (citizen Ms. Xu) and the old soldiers, we should learn the spirit for them a praise. [comment] on the morning of 13, Zhengzhou under a light rain, 27 monument before more than 30 in uniform and decorations for the elderly, standing up in the rain, singing "without the Communist Party there would be no new China", "the people of the world unite tight", "I am a soldier" and other classic red songs. Solemnly, in a loud voice. It is understood that the elders from Zhengzhou war veterans home, which is the year of the veteran, they gathered in front of the tower is 27, want to sing red songs, to commemorate the victory of the Long March, to promote the revolutionary spirit and the propaganda of national defense education. The 85 year old veteran Wang Guoen told reporters that the happy life now he hopes that young people can not easily won, to carry forward their hard-working spirit, do not forget the early heart forward temper. The same period [] (Korean veteran Wang Guoen) our old soldiers together often, when we discuss the focus is, we now live better, countries are prosperous, this is our greatest happiness, the greatest hope. Should be hard-working, thrifty, do not covet other enjoyment, steadfast, conscientious, follow the party, the construction of the socialism, looking forward to the future of tomorrow, this is we to the requirements of next generation. [comment] Zhengzhou war veterans home founder Zhang Ailan said, red inheritance cannot forget, similar activities she held every year a lot of games, through various activities, to guide more people to remember history, cherish peace, concerned about national defense. The same period [] (Zhang Ailan) as President Xi said, do not forget the beginning of the heart, each of the old soldiers they have a kind of patriotism, they want to put their inner patriotism, with songs to wake up everyone, do not forget national humiliation, not to forget the history, heritage red spirit, through their practice, a pass on from generation to generation. Reporter Lv Wenyan Zhengzhou reported Henan Kan force相关的主题文章: