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Because online shopping to the poor man 1 years after tens of thousands of telephone harassment, daily reporter   Chongqing daily news about the book   live in Nan’an District Mr. Wang now had "phone phobia", he will be a strange number all the interception, because this is more than 1 years, he received thousands of telephone harassment and most of the day to pick up more than and 600. And it all stems from more than 1 years ago, he bought a computer on the Internet to the seller after the poor. 20, 2009, Mr. Wang will own experience to the Internet, causing concern. Yesterday, the reporter contacted Mr. Wang (20 years old), he said that in May last year, he bought an online shopping platform in a foreign laptop, worth $9666. "When the seller orders 1~3 weeks of arrival, and in fact I waited for 1 and a half months before receiving the computer, and the packaging is very simple, but also into the water." Mr. Wang said, not only that, purchasing computer at the boundary is notified charged 700 yuan tax, but the seller didn’t give him a tax bill. "So I paid the seller a bad review." Mr. Wang said, in order to this bad reviews, the seller repeatedly contact with him, but I have not changed". Period, Mr. Wang also on the matter to the online shopping platform and 12315 telephone complaints. After further communication, Mr. Wang finally changed the evaluation, the seller only tax bill will be sent to him. I thought it was over, I did not expect my phone began to receive some inexplicable phone calls, but also often received a mess of SMS verification code." Mr. Wang told reporters that he retained some of the evidence, the reporter saw, Mr. Wang hit the phone number attribution from all over the country, SMS verification code is a variety of sites registered dynamic verification code. After some inquiries, Mr. Wang learned that the original is the seller registered a variety of sites account with Mr. Wang’s identity information and mobile phone number, mobile phone number and even his hanging on the second-hand housing sites, "said my parents are ill, Jishou house". In desperation, Mr. Wang can only call to call the site to cancel the account, but frequent harassing phone calls or let Mr. Wang close to collapse. More than 1 years, Mr. Wang received a phone call on the Wantong, up to a day when there are more than and 600. Finally, angry but helpless Mr. Wang had to change the phone number. Wang is the most angry that he had issued to the seller for the customs clearance of the identity card has also been sent to the other side of the internet. Yesterday, the reporter found in the online search, there are many sites on both sides of the pros and cons of Mr. Wang photos, and no code. The reporter learned from Mr. Wang, the seller surnamed Zheng, Hubei wuhan. Yesterday, the reporter contacted by Mr. Wang to provide contact with Mr. Zheng, he did not recognize the malicious disclosure of customer privacy, and said it would not harass customers". However, from the chat screenshot provided by Mr. Wang, the other party had said to Mr. Wang: do not make any further meaning, I have helped you delete the news, we consciously bar." In addition, the reporter found that the disclosure of Mr. Wang’s personal privacy of the ID information (including name, registration, cell phone number) and Mr. Zheng’s personal information is completely consistent. Lawyers say 8相关的主题文章: