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The number of mainland tourists in Taiwan near " island has been cut; " closing travel – Beijing China Taiwan news network August 25th "Taiwan times" in 24, Chinese published "off land market" in the left half frozen last year pointed out that following the July Liaoning group of mainland tourists in Taiwan "burning car accident after the land off the market" frozen". The island of Taiwan tourism network 24 days from academia and industry seminars, Taiwan general counsel Li Qiyue said the mainland tourists to Taiwan the overall market atrophy serious, the recent delivery (for Taiwan) the number of straight, nearly cut". He stressed that the follow-up may be derived from the business difficulties, called on the Taiwan authorities as soon as possible to come up with supporting solutions. The first domino? Then mainland tourists travel without signs of the collapse of Li Qiyue about the industry operating difficulties of the prophecy is a prophecy. 24, the day came out of the island to receive a special tour of the continent’s mission, the genesis of the travel agency no warning of collapse. "When the electronic newspaper" reported that this is the new authorities took office so far, the first by the land to reduce the impact of the collapse of the travel agency. The Taiwan Ministry of Transportation Bureau subsequently confirmed, "Genesis" ("the ticket" because of the financial ticket checking account refers to because there is no money, banks can not cash the check), 23, was ordered to suspend business. Although travel agencies have already closed, but according to the media, "Genesis" still has 8 reception group in Taiwan was 8 days and 7 nights trip around the island, will help seeking industry continue to take trip, in order to protect the rights of travelers. Taiwan Tourism Bureau said, "Genesis" in 22 by the clearinghouse to Tourism Bureau informed the next financial bounce, the scene investigation, found that although the amount is only about NT $2 million, but the "Genesis" have occurred recently bounced, fear of mismanagement, and in accordance with the regulatory requirements to stop for business travel. According to reports, the "24 door Genesis" locked, scene people alleged that the day prior to the wind will collapse. It is understood that the "22 night Genesis" to its staff announced the end of operation, stop all operations; and pointed out that the statement can not pay arrears of staff costs, you can seek their own solutions, but the person in charge is not on the island. The Tourism Bureau said, "Genesis" was established in 2004 in a travel agency, mainly for mainland tourists to Taiwan business, understand the reason is bounced. The tourism industry to let Cai million people took to the streets to protest against the authorities know industry miserable situation according to Taiwan, "Wang Bao" and other media reported earlier, "Immigration Department" is currently open to the mainland tourists to apply for entry permit, divided into high quality group and general group, high-quality group divided "forward" and "reverse". In March this year, every day to send either forward or reverse, often are 4, 5 thousand, but the DPP came to power after the "straight", the 520 day after thousands of pieces of discontent has become the norm, and in the event of "burning car" after the events of last week sent number is down to two Islands Golden Horse Peng digit project is three consecutive days hanging 0. Recently, not only to reduce the land passenger group, even in the past stable passenger trips, the number of applications have begun to reduce. In this regard, the tourism industry said that mainland tourists do not come, this winter will be colder. Taiwan with the相关的主题文章: