The ten Anlu section of high-speed open box beam plans to open to traffic in 2019-sql2005安装图解

The ten Anlu section of high-speed rail box girder open plan completed during 2019 yesterday, 820 ton box girder landed safely ten Chinese high-speed rail Anlu Wangjiawan bridge pier, which marks the success of the project is set in the first box of Anlu River on the east coast of beam specimens. In the construction of Chinese shares second tenders project headquarters ten railway commander Cai Xunwen said that the bridge means the end of foundation construction, into the upper structure construction stage. The two section of a total of about 40 kilometers long, from the Wuxiao intercity railway Xiaogan east station pull to Anlu government east bank, docking Anlu River Bridge, across the Beijing Guangzhou railway and Handan railway two railway as well as G107, G316 and other 10 main road. About 84.63% of the sections of this high-speed railway bridge, including Bridge 4, bridge 3, the bridge is 16.3 kilometers long in yunan. Cai Xunwen said that the box girders from yesterday, is expected to continue until the end of November next year, because the Chinese ten high-speed rail in the future will be an important part of the Wuhan Xi’an high-speed railway, the design speed, strict quality requirements, the uneven settlement of the beam beam pedestal below is not greater than 2 mm. It is understood that in the construction of 40 km range, in the construction of shares will also be responsible for the expansion of Xiaogan station, Yunmeng station and the new reservation station Peng xing. Cai Xunwen said, Xiaogan east station is Han Hyo intercity railway station, but in order to adapt to the future high-speed rail stop, it will be the platform to extend 230 meters, has been completed. Yunmeng station is located near the local station Xing Wu Town, Peng is reserved for future development of the station. Due to high-speed rail docking intercity railway, both from the design speed of 100 kilometers per hour difference. Cai Xunwen said, the speed difference is mainly started in Yunmeng east station, from Yunmeng station to the direction of Shiyan, the design speed of 350 kilometers per hour. Cai Xunwen said, it is worth mentioning that the Han ten high-speed rail in the future will be a new route to the direction of Wuhan, can be maintained throughout the speed of 350 kilometers per hour, but this line has not yet started. Han ten high-speed rail of a total length of 391.5 km, the design speed of 350 km, plans to open to traffic in 2019, when it takes only about 110 minutes from Wuhan to Shiyan, about minutes.相关的主题文章: