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Zhang Wei’s solo exhibition "/" held in Beijing artists Zhang Wei and Chen Wenji Zhang Wei, a teacher of exhibition 1 Zhang Wei’s works focus on the relationship between the inside and outside of the works as "object" relationship with the environment; the relationship picture and imagination. However, the inspiration of the creation comes from the specific things in daily life, which is not the thing itself, but the process of extracting the concrete. It contains the process of conversion, the conversion of the creation of the object to the last picture, the transformation of thinking and thinking, the conversion of the creation material. This transformation, in fact, is also a natural selection process. Zhang Wei’s screen is not the traditional theme of narrative, but also presents the process of painting – a sense of space in the plane, a sense of space to highlight the time. Those covered, with bright and deep space, it is the accumulation of labor and time trace of exchange a creator and picture drawn out, with tangled, struggle, talk…… Therefore, the appearance of the final appearance is clear, relatively complete picture is not completely preset good, perhaps accidental, wrong or even failure oriented. All of these constitute the exploration process of his creation. "I must have had a rough time in my creation." This is Zhang Wei to create their own psychological presupposition, he frankly accept the mistakes in the exploration failure. Although the screen presents some kind of rationality and restraint, which also includes his exploration of the control of the material, the control of the screen, and ultimately beyond the control work out of control and controllable coexistence in the picture. From the Central Academy of fine arts high school to university, Zhang Wei accepted the strict modeling training, 2014 graduate of the Central Academy of Fine Arts Department of murals, under the tutelage of Chen Wenji. From middle school up to other traditional figurative mural Department of exploration and experiment more of the material, he chose to stand as a creative direction. This series is a graduate student from his three years of continuous exploration, the exhibition is also a summary of this series. What does art mean to Zhang Wei? After a brief escape, he found that he could not find himself; art had become a kind of emotion or blood. Today, the art of all faded aura, he saw the essence of this road is ascetic, is walking in the practice; and expectations and possibilities. As his teacher Chen Wenji said, "the way". "The last thing to do is to be yourself," he continued. Article Wendy相关的主题文章: