Be careful! These sections will be closed tomorrow in Wuhan to travel to Kanla (video)

Be careful! These sections will be closed tomorrow in Wuhan to travel to see Wuhan drivers should pay attention to: tomorrow, affected by the construction, the second ring road section of Hankou to reduce a two-way lane, there are some places to be closed construction…… So, you want to go down the small partners in these places, are you ready? Xiaobian specially for you to sort out the " travel; " manual, to avoid the peak road, blaze a no blocking, no traffic jams the best route! Near the main line of unilateral closed October 29th to December 8th, the Evergreen Avenue Road Viaduct across the two link will be the construction of steel box girder hoisting. During the construction of the main line will occupy two lanes, and the hoisting of construction at night, the main line of the second ring unilateral closed. Closed two October 31st, November 4th on the south side of the elevated print, November 13th, December 4th daily from 5 pm to midnight, the Second Ring Road Viaduct (West Han under elevated ramp to the HanKou Railway Station subway east exit) to prohibit motor vehicles from west to East (Concert bridge to tangjiadun direction) traffic; Han West South North Second Ring synchronous closed line ramp, Huaihailu Road the South North Second Ring Road ramp, Changfeng Avenue West to east two ring ramp. Detour plan: the liberation Avenue ramp under elevated traffic ground floor or bypass Avenue, Qingnian Road, Xinhua Road, the liberation of tangjiadun road back to the two ring; by Han West Ramp under elevated traffic road, ground floor, bypass Han Jianshe Avenue, Qingnian Road, Xinhua Road, Tang Jiadun Road near the back line. Closed two November 1st, November 6th on the north side of the elevated print, November 7th, November 14th, December 5th daily from 5 pm to midnight, the Second Ring Road Viaduct (HanKou Railway Station east of Huaihailu Road at the entrance to the underground passage under the viaduct ramp) to prohibit motor vehicles from the east to the West (Tang Jiadun to the concert bridge to traffic). Synchronous closed development two road road on the north side of the racecourse road into the main channel. Detour routes: from the second ring road three bridge ramp viaduct, through the ground segment development avenue, tangjiadun Road, two ring road, Qingnian Road, Huaihailu Road and other road bypass. The Huangpu Street bypass road building, Han West road. From Wuhan Avenue Industrial Road ramp viaduct, bypass road, industrial road, Gusao tree of tangjiadun Road, Qingnian Road Road, Huaihailu Road. During the long line near the construction around the line drawing, Yuqian Wuhan Municipal Traffic Management Bureau Xu captain said that during the period of construction, from the 6 track elevated two-way into a two-way four lanes, reduction in capacity is weak, traffic simply can not afford 7000 cars per hour, traffic jams are inevitable, suggest that you’d better stagger the peak morning and evening time pass here, or the bypass line. The original two ring elevated by the salon of tangjiadun bridge to the direction of the vehicle can bypass the other direction: Wuchang Hanjiang Bridge can bypass the yingwuzhou Hanyang direction, you can bypass the lake bridge, Hankou direction can bypass the three ring road, Changfeng bridge, Qingchuan bridge…… You think only Hankou will block, Wuchang traffic pressure is not small! October 29th onwards, Jiangnan pumping station project started construction, will occupy the martial.相关的主题文章: