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Ningbo first discovered extremely rare red and blue Clusteramaryllis leaves will never meet (Figure) was first found in Ningbo rare red Lan Shisuan autumn is the season of flowering plants of the genus of the red spider lily. Yesterday, Ningbo plant expert Lin Hailun to Qianjiang Evening News reporter phoned in Beilun Chunxiao town field in Ningbo for the first time, saw the red blue red spider lily. Helen Lin said, the red and blue red spider lily is a genus of red spider lily was published in recent years, the new variant, can not be considered as an independent species. Red and blue and red spider lily rose red spider lily is close from the origin of the species is the same, so it is a kind of variant rose red spider lily (similar to varieties). The red and blue flowers with deep pink red spider lily petals, the tip of the blue stripe, it is "the name of the red and blue red spider lily". Yesterday, Lin Hailun told reporters that the red spider lily genus is a kind of very strange plant groups, and do not say their singularity mosaic will never meet, for different kinds of plants belong to the red spider lily inside, can form a new type of interbreeding in natural conditions, which in the whole life is extremely rare in the world. According to the survey, Ningbo there are 3 kinds of stable seed red flowers: red spider lily red spider lily, golden yellow flowers of the China and the red spider lily, brocade flower change related. The above three species because of red spider lily opportunity coincidence of natural hybridization, and the formation of new species. For example, a creamy yellow flowers milky white red spider lily had appeared in Beilun field, patches of l.sprengeri and China growth only a clump of red spider lily plant nearby, was once caused concern for domestic plant experts. Later discovered that the original Chinese l.sprengeri and red spider lily in natural conditions can produce white or red spider lily hybrid short pistil hybrids but the red spider lily, can not produce their offspring (sterile), so the probability of the plant is very low, and the different parts of the flower shape also has a bigger difference.相关的主题文章: