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The Yellow Sea Coach: season 19 wins to improve national football can play Barcelona play sports season in the Yellow Sea – Sohu will sum up the coach Jody Fox for photo (as a representative of Qingdao the Yellow Sea, Qingdao football from the introduction of Barcelona system after the completion of metamorphosis, go to a top coach in Spain under the leadership of Jody Chongchao become strong for the 19, 2 wins and 9 negative is the highest winning season in a team. As the Barcelona B coach, Jody more than 15 years of coaching experience, but in addition to the United States a brief experience led, led Qingdao to the Yellow Sea in a battle he is the true sense of the coach abroad. October 27th, Qingdao, the Yellow Sea football club, the 2016 season will be held in Qingdao, Qingdao, Spain,, Spain’s football coach, an interview with Jody. Improve the framework, a little bit up the reporter: I first interview coach Jody, led by the Qingdao the Yellow Sea campaign is a true sense of your overseas coach, how do you feel? Jody: this experience in Qingdao is very meaningful to me, not only for me, but for my family and my foreign teacher team is a very good experience. I came to China more than 20 years ago to spend my holidays with my family. China has developed very fast in the past 20 years, which is totally different from twenty years ago. I try to adapt to life as much as possible, and ultimately very well adapted to the hope that Chinese football can also have a better development in the future. Reporter: Jody took over the team at the end of last year, Qingdao the Yellow Sea is a relegation team after a winter training season, the club will aim at "the eight for six". Who did not expect, Qingdao, the Yellow Sea is only a small step away from the final distance. What do you think of your success this season?. Jody: we’ve got very good results this year. I lead my coaching team, improve the structure of the club, every year to step up, there is a way forward. In addition, we have a very important medical team, the team’s contribution is also great. In the end, it is the attitude of the players that are working very hard to help the team and all the factors are added to the result. China can play soccer, Barcelona play reporter: the the Yellow Sea team of foreign aid and domestic players are not known, but Jody in the training and match stick with the transfer control play, in a stadium staged a whiff of Barcelona be struck dumb storm, how do you do it? Jody: Barcelona play is more advanced in the world, if you follow this game will be able to get the best results. In China, there may be more people concerned about the physical fitness of the players, but the technique is more important than this. If we can adhere to this game, we believe that after this year will be like this to get a good score. Reporter: if Chinese with Barcelona play soccer play will not change? Jody: I’ve been watching the Chinese national team since I came to China, including Lippi’s recent appointment. Chinese players personal technical ability is not bad, physical quality is no problem, but if one day can really put相关的主题文章: