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Wang Jianlin bought the Hollywood film company come to nothing: Paramount not to sell Wang Jianlin to buy Hollywood film company desire to fall: not to sell one of the paramount source: surging news reporter Li Xiaoqing six Hollywood pictures, paramount did not sell. In September 18th, according to Peng Bo, Viacom, Paramount’s parent company, has made a decision that Paramount Pictures is one of the company’s core assets, no longer consider the sale of its shares. In February this year, Viacom’s CEO Philip? Dowman was announced, looking for strategic investors, the sale of a minority stake paramount. In July, surging news from informed sources, Wanda was paramount and Viacom purchased its parent company equity talks. In September 19th, investment professionals told reporters, after Viacom intends to sell shares of small shareholders, but large shareholders have been opposed, the transaction can not be completed. "The Wall Street journal" reported in July that in this matter the sale of 49% stake in Paramount Pictures, Via Con M Hei P divided into two factions: the largest shareholder of Viacom, the 92 year old billionaire Redstone Sommer? (Sumner Redstone) in opposition to the transaction; on the other side, including the chairman and chief executive of Philippe Dauman. Viacom executives claim to sell part of the shares of Paramount Pictures, to get a much-needed cash. At the same time, Viacom is seeking 8 billion -100 billion valuation for paramount pictures. Paramount earnings data show that in 2015, the company’s revenue of $1 billion 25 million, fell 24%, operating profit of $122 million. At that time, the state holding company Viacom entertainment Trust Fund for the company to modify the constitution, the provisions of any transaction must be unanimously by the board of directors, and has a 80% controlling stake in Viacom group boss Sam? Redstone and her daughter Sally? Redstone is a member of the board of directors, they have clearly opposed the sale to paramount, that the sale of paramount equity would infringe the interests of shareholders. Wang Jianlin said in the CCTV "dialogue" program, in the initial choice of acquisition targets, the six companies, he saw that the Hollywood Wang Jianlin said: "but they don’t sell me, yet he can trust to sell your degree." The paramount film company founded in May 1912, is one of the six major Hollywood film company. "Hollywood six" refers to the six major Hollywood studios, including: twentieth Century Fawkes, Warner Bros., Disney film, Universal Studios, Paramount Pictures and Columbia Pictures Industries Inc. Paramount is the "Godfather", "Transformers" series of films, "Star Trek", "the true story of Agam", the "mission impossible" and other film production company. "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: breaking show" is co produced and the paramount wanda. Wanda film and television industry in the past two years, the rapid expansion of the territory. 2012, Wanda to $2 billion 600 million acquisition of the United States, the second compound line company AMC. On相关的主题文章: