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Event review: the national day of the Qing Dynasty to take the long march road, Ma Ma rabbit without a significant impact on the event a week to review the National Day holiday in the past, a wide range of cooling weather is sweeping across china. In the past two weeks, the domestic and foreign competition was blowout trend, a number of important gold standard events have also staged. Here for you to review the recent events at home and abroad just concluded: first, China Suzhou International Marathon: October 2nd (Suzhou Chinese) project: half 10km mini (5km): the scale of more than 5000 people. Half Title: man from Kenya – Samuel Macharia, the score of 1 hours 2 minutes; the woman half title is from Ethiopia Bellco – Debele, the score of 1 hours 15 minutes. This is the second session of the tournament. The game comes at a time when National Day the next day, a very strong atmosphere of joy. Anhui, Suzhou is an old and new city, has a profound cultural heritage. In recent years, Suzhou social, economic, cultural and other aspects of gratifying results, mass sports widely carried out. It is in this context, the race to passion marathon in Suzhou as the theme, to save, low carbon, environmental protection for the concept of. Rio Olympic Games broke into the women’s 800m semi-final of the players Wang Chunyu as ambassador and lead the game. After the game, the men’s champion said Suzhou flat, wide vision, beautiful scenery, this game is a pleasure for him. The long march series, taking the Luding Bridge challenge: October 4th (Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture China) project: 60km cross-country race size: 100 starting point of this tournament in Moxi meeting site, end point for Luding Bridge square. 81 years ago, the ancestors of Anti Japanese Red Army in the Dadu River on flying from Luding Bridge, jumped out of the encirclement of the enemy, laid the final three main base realignment of the northern shaanxi. Today, the contestants meet again on this, with his will and action to commemorate 81 years ago that great victory, to celebrate the birthday of the motherland. The Silk Road, Dunhuang International Marathon: October 6th (Jiuquan Chinese) project: the whole Dunhuang music competition run half size: more than 6 thousand: results from the Pathfinder team Li Weihe Luo Chuan (female) respectively in 2 hours, 38 minutes and 26 seconds and 2 hours 44 minutes and 48 seconds to win the championship for men and women. The event is the second this year. The game was optimized at the starting point, close to the urban area to reduce the time to reach the runners, last year’s starting point of the Crescent Spring has become part of the track, the end of the horse is still located in Mogao Grottoes. Along the way from the street to the Mogao Grottoes, Gobi, the vast desert, from time to time after the camels keep runners and feast for the eyes, the unique design of the clothes body is more considerate of the organizers. From China, Denmark, Japan, Singapore, Germany and other 10 countries and regions of the players participated in the competition. Two, Bournemouth International Marathon: October 2nd (British Bournemouth) project: the whole half supersonic 10K supernova 5)相关的主题文章: