Guangzhou officials bribery 1 million 500 thousand jailed for 4 and a half years after 1 years of re-matlab 等高线�

Guangzhou officials bribery 1 million 500 thousand jailed for 4 and a half years after 1 years of retirement was taken in the original title: the original Guangzhou City Planning Bureau deputy inspector for Information Times News (reporter Wei Huihui) Guangzhou City Planning Bureau, former deputy inspector Xie Guowei was served as director of the Guangzhou City Planning Bureau Yuexiu branch, to help others in the "live to business" project planning approval and other aspects, taking bribes of more than 143.5 yuan, $20 thousand yesterday morning, by the Guangzhou intermediate people’s court for taking bribes and sentenced to 4 and a half years. In 2003, Xie Guowei was promoted to the director of Yuexiu branch of Guangzhou planning bureau. Since then, he has served as a deputy inspector of the City Planning Bureau, and retired in 2014. In January 8, 2015, Xie Guowei was taken away by the Guangzhou City Commission for discipline inspection staff at home. The Guangzhou intermediate people’s court tried to find out that Xie Guowei was accused of accepting bribes during his tenure as director of the Yuexiu branch. The total amount of bribes charged is RMB 143.5 yuan, 20 thousand Australian dollars, amounting to 1 million 520 thousand yuan. Among them, 2006 years, accept Xie Moumou bribe sent RMB 50 thousand yuan. Between June 2008 and December 2014, Liu Moulong received bribes totaling RMB 78.5 yuan. From 2008 to 2009, has received $20 thousand Lai moufeng. In September 2011, Zhang Moumou received RMB 600 thousand yuan. For Xie Guowei argued that Liu Moulong is sending money to Fanzu income. According to the court’s investigation, the two shops have no actual contribution, equal to Liu Moulong’s monthly rental income. The court held that Xie Guowei was taken away by the Commission for Discipline Inspection at home, and did not have the initiative to give himself up to the case handling organ. In view of the fact that Xie Cheng has made a good confession after being brought to justice, he can be punished leniently. Accordingly, the Guangzhou intermediate people’s court sentenced Xie Guowei to imprisonment for 4 years and 6 months, and imposed a fine of 300 thousand yuan. After hearing the verdict, Xie Guowei said that he should decide whether to appeal or not after he consulted the lawyer. He thought that he was surrendering himself, because he gave himself up and confessed the facts of crime truthfully".

广州官员受贿150万获刑4年半 退休1年后被带走   原标题:原广州市规划局一副巡视员获刑   信息时报讯 (记者 魏徽徽) 广州市规划局原副巡视员谢国玮被控担任广州市规划局越秀分局局长期间,在“住改商”等规划项目报批等方面为他人提供帮助,受贿人民币143.5万余元,2万澳元,昨日上午被广州中院以受贿罪判刑4年半。   2003年谢国玮升任广州市规划局越秀分局局长。此后他到市规划局任副巡视员,于2014年退休。2015年1月8日,谢国玮在家中被广州市纪委工作人员带走调查。   广州中院审理查明,谢国玮被控受贿的事情均发生在任职越秀分局局长期间。指控的受贿金额总额为人民币143.5万余元,2万澳元,合计人民币152万元。其中,2006年间收受谢某某贿送的人民币5万元。2008年6月至2014年12月间,收受刘某龙贿送的人民币共计78.5万余元。2008年至2009年间,先后收受赖某峰2万澳元。2011年9月,收受张某某人民币60万元。   对于谢国玮辩称,刘某龙送的钱是返租收入。法院经查证,两个商铺谢都没有实际出资,等于刘某龙每个月送给谢一笔租金收入。   法院审理认为,谢国玮在家中被纪委人员带走接受调查,不具备主动向办案机关投案的情节。鉴于谢国玮归案后认罪态度较好,依法可以从轻处罚。   据此,广州中院以受贿罪,判处谢国玮有期徒刑4年6个月,并处罚金30万元。谢国玮听判后表示,要和律师商量后决定是否上诉,他认为自己是自首,因为“主动投案,如实供述犯罪事实”。相关的主题文章: