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Another star dad died heartbroken propaganda users: this not like "loser" genius Qiu Zeyao and the robot love Xiamen starting in November 14th, according to the "Taiwan news" reported that Roy Chiu Tse for nearly 15 years, to marry a woman "," will "rolling stone love story – the last tender" let the audience see him more exquisite acting career highs. Love the car, there are insights for the life of him, often on social networking sites and fans to share life, however, the 14 day came to regret the news, Qiu dad passed away, hope he can take care of your fans. 14 am Roy Chiu Tse revealed that his father died a sad news, fans will be suspended to convey updates and hope that "not to like, it is not difficult to imagine his mood was a heavy blow, outside the fans also called for weeping, by the praise of friends able to respect the dead, and understand the feelings of the families" to praise back". In fact, Roy Chiu Tse from childhood experience parents divorced, father as a taxi driver to work every day 15, 16 hours, so he was forced to learn independent personality, the father and son are very hard, often conflict, tension, until the university one day father heart attack down, must be heart stent, a total medical expenses need about 100000 yuan, he was only 20 years old, raise money around after embarked on the road of entertainment.

又一明星父亲离世 心碎喊话网友:这条不许点赞 《天才失败者》厦门开机 邱泽要和机器人谈恋爱 11月14日,据台湾《东森新闻》报道,邱泽入行将近15年,以《必娶女人》、《滚石爱情故事-最后一次温柔》让观众见到他日益精湛的演技,事业攀上高峰。喜欢赛车,对于生活有独到见解的他,经常在社交网站与粉丝分享生活,不过,14日传来遗憾的消息,邱爸爸离开人世了,粉丝盼他能保重、节哀。邱泽14日凌晨透露父亲离世消息,哀痛地向粉丝转达将会暂停更新动态,并希望网友“不要按赞”,不难想像他的心情受到很大的打击,粉丝同感悲伤之外,也呼吁按赞的网友能尊重逝者,并体谅家属的心情“把赞收回去”。事实上,邱泽从小便经历父母离异,父亲因为开计程车,每天工作15、16个小时,让他自幼被迫学习独立,父子俩个性都很硬,常有冲突,关系紧张,直到大学时有一天父亲心脏病发倒下,必须装心脏支架,医疗费用一共需要10多万元,当时只有20岁的他,四处筹钱之后从此踏上娱乐圈这条路。相关的主题文章: