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Business The Chevrolet Cruze DVD is based on the Chevrolet Cruze car was individually designed, with a 7 inch 800 * 480 digital high-definition display; pre-installed level built-in navigation, touch screen operation, voice broadcast, support the rear view input unique to shut down the clock display; built-in Bluetooth, built-in games, support for external the CMMB support dual-zone, leading the new concept car entertainment! After Cruze installation of Chevrolet Cruze DVD is very powerful it has a galore of real-time information to you. The original idea for this was to be an aid for the military with respect to navigation. GPS or Global Positioning System has come a long way from early beginnings. And Chevrolet Cruze DVD rank on the top list, some other brands like Lexus GPS Navigation rank after. Technology has advanced so much to the extent that these are now accessible to the man in the street. Chevrolet Cruze DVD technology measures the direction of a celestial object (azimuth) using a compass clockwise around the location of the device. This is done in a horizontal fashion and a clockwise direction. Chevrolet Cruze DVD shows the person how to get to the requested destination. For this to happen, the locater must have the same coordinated time as the satellites. The Chevrolet Cruze Navigation satellites have atomic clocks on them. It crosses checks the three circles intersections with a fourth circle. This is taken from another satellite. Advancements made in the technology has resulted in a number of Car Navigation DVD products that cater to the needs of the people on the road, water, air, hiking, and even those in active sports. Original Equipment Manufacturers who recognized the potential of the Chevrolet Cruze DVD has included them in many of the products, whether in transportation or recreational applications. Today Chevrolet Cruze DVD gadgets are made to meet the demands of the sports, from cycling to golf. These devices are typically, hand-held, waterproof, and sturdy that can map the routes and even heartbeats. You can find GPS-enabled sports watches meant for the sportsmen and the trainer with varying features. GPS has found a place in the mobile phones, watches, and PCs to cater to the demands of the users. New cool interface makes the operation more simple and convenient of the with the Chevrolet Cruze DVD finger sliding; gently slide your finger on the menu select 7-inch 800 * 480 high-definition display to facilitate song videos to find and watch. You can easily connect the SD card, U disk, DVD / CD disc box, and digital analog TV. 7-inch widescreen display is for easy viewing or TV shows to you. Source from: ..autocarplaza../blog/Chevrolet-Cruze-DVD-has-a-galore-of-real-time-information-to-you/ 相关的主题文章: