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Fashion-Style A conditioner is ideal for adding moisturizer to hair; and is used after shampooing. All types of hair have to be conditioned to maintain it shiny and flexible. Conditioning is especially helpful for dry hair. It adds to the natural oil supply and gives dry hair, shine as well as bounce and strength. Those with oily hair, use the conditioner only on the ends of their hair. Different types of conditioners are used for different types of hair. For damaged hair, a protein conditioner is better. In the case of dry hair, use moisturizing or intensive conditioner. Any normal (oil free) conditioner is ideal for oily hair. Purpose of Conditioning A beautiful scalp is very important for a beautiful hair. If you keep it clean and maintain its normal balances, it will execute its functions well. Each hair is made up of a very delicate fiber. Conditioning is a method of giving the hair a more concentrated type of nutritious treatment. It helps to keep hair from counter acting dryness, making it smooth and easier to manage. To correct the effects of poor hair care, treatments with conditioners are good options. As Henna is a good conditioner, treatments with henna is good for the hair. Method of Conditioning Gently squeeze the excess water after shampooing. .b the hair softly from the roots to the ends with your fingers or with wide toothed .b. Remove tangles. With the fingers, apply slight conditioner and rub the conditioner through the hair. Never rub on the scalp. Keep it on the hair for 5 minutes Now smoothly massage the hair to relax the conditioner. Rinse the hair and remove all traces of conditioner. Now dry the hair. Other Tips If your hair is oily, take care to apply conditioner only on the ends. On damaged hair protein-rich conditioners work best. In case your hair is dry, make a choice on moisturizing or intensive-care conditioners. For fine hair, it is sensible to apply conditioners labeled acidifiers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: