An Overview Of The Top Ten Mutual Funds In 2013-小坂めぐる

Stocks-Mutual-Funds A mutual fund involves, pooling in of resources from a number of different investors. The entire amount is then invested into stocks, bonds and other such assets, of top .panies. These funds are maintained by professional money managers, who invest the money into a particular organization, with the view of maximizing profits. Equity funds are great for small investors, as they provide them with a platform to access a variety of portfolios. This is not possible with a small amount of capital. Thus, pooling of funds enables them to reap the benefits of the same. Every shareholder is entitled to gain or loss, in proportion to his contribution. These funds are a great way to create capital and are relatively more secure in .parison to investing in the stock market. Here are some of the most promising mutual funds in India for 2013. 1.SBI Emerging Businesses Fund This fund invests in a number of emerging organizations that deal mainly with export of materials and goods. They focus on the growing domestic markets and are expected to develop at a steady rate during the year. 2.Reliance Equity Opportunities Over the years, this .pany has constantly contributed to the development and growth of the Indian Economy. The growth is expected to continue in the year 2013 as well. This makes it a great investment option. 3.IDFC Premier Equity Fund This includes a number of schemes that aim at generating capital, by investing in small and medium size organizations that have the potential to grow. The investments are usually long term. 4.HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities Fund This fund also invests, predominantly in medium and small scale .panies. These organizations have scope for growth and development. Hence, every Rupee counts and goes a long way to produce returns. 5.SBI Magnum Global Fund This open ended equity scheme mostly invests its funds in large and medium capital .panies. These organization, usually have the potential to grow and give a good amount in returns. 6.ICICI Prudential Discovery Reg This scheme looks for organizations that are managed well and have a good product. They often bargain for the terms and price of the funds. The process is termed as discovery. It is one of the funds to watch out for in the year. 7.TATA Dividend Yield Fund Plan A This fund aims at fetching large amounts as dividends. Investments are made for medium to long term and are invested into .panies that fetch high returns. 70% of the assets of the fund are invested into shares that yield high returns. Although the payoffs may be high, the risks are at the same level and this must be kept in mind, before making any dictions. 8.L&T India Special Situations Fund This fund focuses on .panies that are planning to launch new products. They aim, at providing long term finances for businesses that are underestimated. 9.J P Morgan India Smaller .panies Fund As the name suggest, the funds are mainly invested into .panies that are small in size and are expected to prosper in the near future. 10.IDFC Sterling Equity Regular Investments are mainly made into small and mid-capital .panies. These are just some of the mutual funds that are expected to reap benefits over the next year. There are numerous other ventures that have the potential of being equally successful. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: