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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Pneumatic castors are not just limited to the cricketing world. These castors have proved vital for other outdoor environments, such as Garden Centres, Football Grounds, and Agricultural equipment and also within Marinas. Pneumatic wheels have also recently been utilised for extreme sports such as go karting, kite surfing and mountain boarding. Similar to Cricket Clubs, these outdoor environments utilise the quieter winter months to upgrade and replace their wheels and castors, prior to the busier periods starting from Easter onwards. Garden Centres for example replace worn out wheels and replace them with pneumatic castors, wide tread sand hopper wheels or even simpler hard rubber EPR wheels. These Garden centre trolleys have a punishing summer season, and are not only expected to carry heavy plants and soils, but are also expected to be easy to move around the garden centre. Summer seems along way away as the snow falls over the UK and the big freeze continues to chill us. However now is the time that cricket clubs are ensuring their pitches are covered and their cricket screens are suitable to be manoeuvred around the cricket field. But how do these grounds men and women ensure these heavy covers and screens do not damage their perfectly flat cricket field? The answer is the use of pneumatic castors. These pneumatic castors have a rubber tyre, with an air filled inner tube. This means these pneumatic castors have a wide enough tread, which is cushioned, very much like a wider version of the wheels found on mountain bikes. Not only do these pneumatic castors provide cushioning when moving covers over the cricket crease, field and boundaries, but also gives flexibility of movement and strength. Pneumatic castors can take up to 200 kilograms each, which makes them very suitable not only for cricket covers, but also for the tall and heavy cricket screens encircling the boundary. Alternatives to the pneumatic castors are the wide tread wheels, commonly called Sand hopper wheels or GB270’s. Again these wheels offer the added advantage of not denting the field, as the wide tread distributes the load of the cricket cover evenly. The only disadvantage of using these wide tread wheels, is the lack if swivel manoeuvrability. Encasing pneumatic wheels in castors therefore has the added benefit of flexibility of movement, which is proving vital during the summer months when ground covers can be moved on and off the crease at regular intervals. Go karting has been a relatively recent and exciting environment for pneumatic wheels to operate within. Secondary schools up and down the country have a programme to encourage their students to get involved and build their own go kart. They can either purchase the kit and follow the instructions, or alternatively build one from scratch as a team! Pneumatic castors have such a diverse functionality, from sporting grounds to school grounds, they offer strength, flexibility of movement coupled with a cushioned ride, to keep our pitches perfect! Castors have been our primary business for the last 40 years. Our Blue Elastic Rubber Castors & Wheels are utilised in a wide variety of industries, along with our Tube Fittings and Adjustable Feet. Whether you are a hospital requiring a Medical Castor such as Non Marking Rubber Castor, shop fitters wanting a Plastic Castor, food manufacturers requiring Heat Resistant Castors, a theatre requesting a Scene Shifter or a garden centre looking for Garden Equipment Castors, we can meet all your need! Our aim is "Quality in Quantity" which means you can purchase the right castor at the best possible price and have them delivered to you in 24 hours. Our extensive stocks and low minimum order requirement make it even simpler for you! However if price is a factor, we can also supply cheap castors and budget castors.We sell a range of castors for different applications, including industrial and retail areas. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: