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Living-Will Experiencing a trauma that an accident is the nightmare that you do not want to have, but accidents and injuries was always around you. There were several accidents and personal injuries that occurs from moment to moment in various part of the globe, in the context nothing was exempted. Wherever you may be, and who ever you were you could be prone to any kind of accident. Generally most accidents and injuries came to life when you were at work in that aspect you were vulnerable. Why it was said the work was the general source of accident? There several events that proves the statement, from a small industry up to the biggest industry accidents took place. Take the Maritime industry as an example. The said industry was one of the biggest industry and it was said that it was the most riskiest industry. Maritime industry took high demand for workers because their production was in high demand too, also this industry offers high .pensation. The .mon reason and often times the cause of accident and injuries were the nature of work itself. Maritime workers were rendering long number of working hours .pared to the regular worker’s duty which means they could be weak sometimes and cannot avoid the existence of accident or an injury along their way. In addition, another reason was the workers were often times working away for couple of months, in connection to this they were lacking in proper medical attention which leads to a health .plexities and may end up in a personal injury. To avoid negligence, 1920, Senator Wesley Jones passed the Merchant Marine Act of 1920 which was also known as the Jones Act Law. The said Law Serves as the protection of the maritime workers because of being at high risk. The maritime workers were entitled to full .pensation under the Jones Act for the impact their injuries have on their livelihood if they were injured. In land maritime injuries, ferry or water taxi injuries, tanker or cargo ship injuries, offshore rig injuries, tugboat or barge injuries, fishing trawler injuries and work boat injuries were some of those covered by the Jones Act Law. As a worker you must be protected as well, what will happened to you if met an accident and Jones Act Law was not passed? Yes you’ll be given assistance by the .pany but you may also suffers negligence. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: