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Artists If you like the idea of biking for leisure to see the picturesque sights around but just can’t handle the pressure of pedaling for hours on end, consider investing on an electric bike. This kind of bike actually works like the standard version, only there’s a motor that works to reduces your efforts in pedaling. A steep incline less difficult to go over with the help of this motor. The motorized form of transportation will make the experience of cycling long distances much more enjoyable. You need to know a few things about this vehicle so you can appreciate it all the more. There are actually two types of bikes you can buy: the throttle-activated type and the pedal activated type. How it is started is where the difference between the two lies. The throttle type will require you to press the button on the handle and simultaneously turn the handle to start the motor running. Meanwhile, the pedal-activated version will immediately turn on as soon as the machine detects pressure on the pedals by your feet. Whether it’s one type or the other, you need to find out how to use the bike efficiently. Whenever you use it, make sure your battery is always full. Just like any battery, you should not keep it plugged in after it is charged fully. The battery usually finishes charging after 10 hours, so unplug it as soon as it’s done. Try to plan your trip so that you’ll only be two hours on the road; that’s how long a fully charged battery of an electric bike can usually go for. If you can’t help it, make sure to bring a portable charger along. When it .es to this kind of bike, you need to remember that quick accelerations from full stops are not re.mended. Your battery will quickly drain if you do this, so you end up with a less time for cycling. Ideally, you should always start slow and then gradually accelerate to a more .fortable speed that you can maintain easily all throughout. This maximizes battery efficiency. In the same way you would check for any ordinary bike, you should make sure your parts are all in optimal condition before going on a cycling trip. This regular maintenance check will ensure that you have the best experience each and every time you ride your electric bike. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: