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Home-and-Family The holidays are rapidly approaching. That means time’s getting shorter and shorter for you to .e up with the perfect gift for your aging parents. How’s that .ing, by the way? Do you need an idea? How about giving your aging parents your handwritten – and signed – promise to personally do whatever it is they need to have done around the house and in their lives that they can no longer do on their own? I don’t want to be a nag, of course, because I realize that you’re a very busy and important individual. And I’m willing to bet your elderly parents realize it too, which means they probably have a really tough time "bothering" you for the things they most need . . . because what they most need is going to involve a little time and effort on the part of the child (i.e., YOU) who’s made them so proud but is so very busy. You’re looking for the "perfect" gift, though, right? Well, I think this one might be it. Give them a little of that thing with which you’re overflowing – your expertise – .bined with the thing you believe you have so little to spare (that’s right . . . your time). But, wrap them in a way that will satisfy both your need to justify things and your parents’ need to not impose. Is This the GIFT For YOU? I’d hate to send you on a wild goose chase, so let’s make sure this gift’s going to work for you. Answer some questions for me – How many times over the years have you seen things in your parents’ house – or life – that were in serious need of attention, – and that you knew you could make better – and told them not to bother hiring anyone because you’d take care of it for them? (or perhaps you didn’t say anything to them but fully intended to take care of it) – Or, how many times have you heard your aging parent worry over something such as the condition of their car, or a difficulty with their finances, or upgrading the windows, paint, and/or insulation in their house, or 10,000,000 other things, and told them you’d handle it for them? – And, how many times did you follow through? If you didn’t, I know it was never a matter of your NOT intending to follow. It was just that you were well …………….. That’s why this gift is so perfect. Give your parents your handwritten and signed (And notarized if necessary to make it real for you) promise to do whatever it is they need to have done around the house that they can no longer do on their own. You know you’re an expert – at far more than your credentials suggest. Why, there are things you know how to do . . things you really enjoy doing . . . that you’ve never told anyone. In fact, I’m willing to bet that you’d even love to try your hand at a few things you know nothing about . . . particularly if an expert’s there and willing to teach you. So, as you’re setting your calendar for 2009, clear the time it will take to live up to that promise. You can do it in chunks for heaven’s sake! Schedule a little time each week or each month. There’s no time rule, except that the time has been .mitted and your elderly parents will be oh so grateful. Whether you live far from your aging parents, or right next door, imagine the long term effects this one gift can have for everyone involved. Not only will your parents get some help they dearly need, you’ll be a great winner as well. The real gift of this gift is that it will broaden your perspective on what your parents’ real needs are, and show them how very much you really do care. A win-win situation if ever there was one. What more could you – or your aging parents – ask from a simple gift?! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: