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UnCategorized Having knocking knees and butterflies is a .mon symptom for those individuals that have a fear of public speaking. You will have butterflies flying around in your stomach, a quivering voice, sweaty palms, racing heart, the whole nine yards. Within this article, we would like to share some tricks with you to help you over.e fear of public speaking. These tips and tricks will help to reduce the anxiety and stress you have during presentations. The methods we are about to tell you have been tried and tested and have helped out many individuals to over.e their fear of public speaking. Remember, when you are speaking to the public for the first time, it will be the worst, but it will get better from there as long as you follow the proper techniques. In order to over.e the fear of public speaking, you should think about having a conversation. When you look at it as if you are giving a presentation, you will be more nervous. If you work, then you will be having conversations every day, all day. During those conversations, do you get nervous? Conversations are not threatening at all. It is just a way that individuals .municate something. Think about it, how is that presentation different from .municating? It’s not. Your presentation is just a conversation, except there are a couple more people. Does this ease the nerves a bit? When you are speaking to an audience, apart from having a normal conversation, we believe you should make some new friends with people that are in the audience. Many individuals are nervous when they are up in front of an audience that is full of stranges. What if you had some friends in the audience, or even a group of friends? Chances are you would feel more .fortable during the presentation. Next time you are giving your presentation (or .munication so to speak) to a group of people that you do not know, then you should do something that is revolutionary. Shake hands, introduce yourself and greet as many people in the audience as possible before you start to speak. That way, when you are standing up in front of them, you are not staring out at a group of people you have never spoken to before. You will want to find those individuals in the audience and make eye contact with them. This will not be hard to do, because those individuals will more than likely be staring at you. For a second or two, you should put yourself in the shoes of your audience. Imagine that you are the one sitting there, attending a seminar at work. How would you feel before you go to the seminar? If the speaker took a couple of minutes to personally introduce themselves to you, would you be more willing to listen to what they had to say? We think so, so why not give it a try next time you need to make a speech or give a presentation? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: