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70 lazy mom, 100 good children – [picture] select Sohu maternal attention, let the children love to read! Methods: to add friends to open the WeChat search number – jxhuiben – 1, attention! His best is a mistake? Since her daughter was born, I would like China most mothers, started a new "work": every day in strict accordance with the parental recipes, carefully prepared for the daughter of both science and delicious food; time to watch the weather forecast, add or reduce her clothes; when a little older, every night to tell her a a story, until she sleep; when older, she went to the kindergarten responsible for shuttle…… A woman with a child, to save all the time, put all the energy on the child. A time to take her daughter to eat McDonald’s, she was eating, I watched, I hope she can take the initiative to "reward" a chicken for her hard mother, but she eats, eyes, mouth feel self-assured or supercilious, only delicious hamburgers, chicken. Look around a house, eat more children, see more parents, the parents in a calm mood, no complaints, and what could I say? If the full mark is 100, so the parents will Chinese towards full efforts to move forward, even hope to create 101 record. Parents can pay 100 points, 100 points to receive the effect on children? Obviously not, look around the parents of their children to feed, rice, totally did not expect to develop small guys do not bother even bother chewing habits; because the parents are too careful, children are also so a little unhappy left up mouth to cry; because everything for the children to think, he he will expect parents; because parents is the child’s closest playmate, he has gradually become timid, selfish and overbearing, not gregarious…… 2, parents also need to care at the restaurant, behoove alone to eat the child, I would think that he knows a painstaking parents? Think of these, I decided, must let her parents know the passions, know the parents hard and pain, know that parents also need to care about. Later, I began to change my daughter’s education. I have a headache and slight fever would yell, but also let her tea and bottled water, get to eat; if the backache, I will notice, let her help me massage a few; even if she doesn’t do what, eagerly abide in me, at least I can feel her small and worry care, this drug is more effective than those who do not! I also silently mother, often what the lazy. Weekend morning, is when sleeping late, if her daughter got up early, I am sorry, daily breakfast. Occasionally, the daughter to participate in activities at the weekend, I need to get up early to send, I would pat her little head, hair a little "complaints": "Oh, for you, mother and less sleep a lanjue." Her daughter, will hug me sensible answer: I would like to eat the best points of the candy to you, thank you mom." No one cares about the child’s return, but let the child understand, can not pay the parents!相关的主题文章: