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70 years working on Legal homestead renewal expert interpretation of the new three – to solve the problem of central focus of eight property released perfect property protection system to protect property rights on November 27th in accordance with the law, "the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on the perfect property protection system to protect property rights in accordance with the opinions" issued. Notably, the "opinions" in many places on land and house property issues of public concern, given and arrangements made clear: the right to use residential construction on the expiration of the subsequent period of land expropriation legal arrangements, detailed specification statutory authority and procedures, giving farmers more property rights etc.. Focus one: 70 years of residential land tenure expires? Key points: Research on legal arrangements for renewal of legal arrangements for residential construction of the spirit of the document the right to use the scheduled expiration of land and other land, promote the formation of good and stable expectations of the whole society to protect citizens’ property for a long time. Professor Chang Pengao expert interpretation of the Peking University law school believes that the "opinions" respect and respond to public opinion, send an important signal: since it is the study of legal arrangements for renewal, and stressed to form a good and stable expectations protected, that means, is not necessary to worry about personal residential land use rights after the expiration of the government will recover. April this year, Wenzhou housing land tenure expires 20 years of social concern. Clear the State Council in 1990 released the "People’s Republic of China urban state-owned land use right transfer and transfer of the Provisional Regulations", sold the highest number according to the use to determine the land use right, the residential land for 70 years, 50 years of industrial land, commercial land for 40 years, tourism and entertainment or other integrated land for 50 years. From a national perspective, the majority of residential land tenure is 70 years. Public concern, whether it is the maximum number of years of 70 years, or less than this year, expired how to renew it? Civil and commercial law research center of Renmin University of China director Yang Lixin said that at present, the legal basis of residential land use renewal period is mainly the "property law" provisions of article 149th, the residential construction land use right expires, the automatic renewal". The current legal provisions due to the lack of rules, how the automatic renewal of uncertainty, it is difficult to operate. Yang Lixin believes that the problem can be renewed from three aspects to consider: one is less than 70 years, after the expiration of 70 years must be renewed; the two is automatically renewed after the expiration of 70 years, the equivalent of residential construction land use right is an open-ended property, namely a permanent use, countries do not need to every time every time renewal fees; three is due after the automatic renewal of a permanent right to use the land for construction, should determine the relationship between the people and the state ownership of the right to the use of people, can consider to collect the necessary but not excessive taxes, but shall go through the legislature legislative decisions. China (Hainan) reform and Development Research Institute Chi Fulin believes that the opinions of the protection of property rights, in essence, is to recognize and respect the real estate has become an important property rights of urban residents reality. For 70 years after the expiration of the right to use land, to come up with a proper approach相关的主题文章: