720 thousand Wenzhou citizen information stolen to sell 27 people were taken coercive measures running man20130526

720 thousand Wenzhou citizens information stolen to sell 27 people was forced to take measures of the original title: 720 thousand Wenzhou citizens to sell stolen 27 people have been forced to take measures in Wenzhou on 23 September, (reporter He Jiangyong correspondent Wang Linqi) September 23rd, reporters from Zhejiang Province, Wenzhou Lucheng Public Security Bureau was informed that the day before, the Bureau police battalion received a report that has received personal information of citizens in Wenzhou to sell the message, suspect someone in an unusual way to obtain personal information data, and sales profit. After investigation, police found 720 thousand Wenzhou citizens to sell stolen information, after investigation at least 27 people were taken criminal coercive measures. In February 29th this year, the local police after investigation, he found some dragon B54 together with his brother He Mouhua to send text messages through mobile phone way to sell personal information of citizens in Wenzhou to others, for the price of 10 thousand citizens personal information 500 yuan, Wenzhou area all personal information data package price of 18000 yuan, up after use QQ email to the purchaser send personal information. The information involved in the master of the city of Wenzhou citizens personal information of nearly 726 thousand and 800 data. As of the time of the incident, he has been identified as a dragon, He Mouhua has Ding Moumou, Luo Moumou, Zheng Moumou 17 people sell personal information, profit of more than 10 yuan. According to preliminary investigation to grasp the situation, Lucheng Public Security Bureau police, criminal investigation, police mobilized more than and 40 police, 20 arrest team, went to Wenzhou Lucheng, Longwan, Ouhai, Ruian and other places to carry out unified arrests, he captured a dragon, He Mouhua, Ding Moumou, Luo Moumou, Zheng Moumou 19 people. Criminal detention according to celebrate a dragon confessed to one of 17 people involved in the infringement of citizens’ personal information, he is the Wenzhou city citizens personal information online to buy from others, and do not know the identity of the seller, only know each other’s citizens personal information transmitted to him by mail. After further investigation to identify the seller for Lin Moumou is a smart design institute staff. In March 9, 2016 and March 22nd, Lucheng police in Yueqing will be dong Moumou, Lin Moumou arrested. According to the two men confessed, Lin Moumou and Dong Moumou in Yueqing until a computer company, the company agent of a Intelligent Design Institute in Yueqing, the information service and maintenance work, Dong Moumou has left, Lin Moumou still is the maintenance personnel, can have a query and password extraction Intelligent Design Research Institute of ICT database account. Lin Moumou knowingly Dong Moumou a research institute using ICT data of sale of personal information of citizens is still profit, Dong Moumou provide ICT database account and password, but did not receive benefits. Dong Moumou is through Lin Moumou account and password to download all the citizens of Wenzhou city personal information totaling 726 thousand and 800 data. On the same day, Dong Moumou criminal detention, Lin Moumou was released on bail. Through the investigation of Dong Moumou found that in addition to the sale of his personal information to a dragon, but also to Lin, ye Moumou 47 Citizens to sell personal information. May 5th, the Lucheng Public Security Bureau organized the second unified pursuit. Currently, the case is still under investigation. (7相关的主题文章: