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[a] Boulter 101 proposal for Manchester United in the undying love Boulter Mourinho to look forward to: I can play the position of Boulter shire horse has not generally love [a] United column, and tells the story about football. Boulter has three big ideals: break record, go to Manchester United, get married early. "Broke the record for the fastest man in the world" will have several, the marriage thing is he left after the age of 35, so it seems, "Manchester" has become the biggest obstacle in the "lightning" to life on the road. He has over thirty years of age 5 years and break the bottleneck, oh, according to his ideas should be immediately sent to the invitation, immediately signed a contract for a period of 5 years. As a united in one of the world’s most famous fans, several defeats, Boulter says "why unremittingly face hot ass cold paste"? The feelings of Boulter, may be invisible fate. Fall in love at first sight。 The first time he saw in the Jamaica TV football is united, the Dutch van Nistelrooy goal let him out, from then on, every Saturday he would get up early and keep in front of the television waiting for the red devils. "If the first turn on the TV to see the West Ham or Blackburn, now it’s miserable." He said. Let me see you again. In April 2009, he suffered a car accident in the life of the most tragic, the new Olympic champion, 100 metres world record holder a die, because he wanted to hurry back to Manchester United in the Champions League semi-final…… At that time, focusing on the outside of the vehicle on the accelerator and the heave rain Boulter did not realize "made the fatal error: failed to release the clutch off the traction control system of car, car and other violent tremor, the traffic of a car rear end that situation completely out of control, and ultimately his BMW rolled toward the deep groove. The car into a pile of scrap metal, the only indicator drops even in the dead of the sound, Boulter climbed out of the ruins of a little bit of skin trauma. After the accident, he saw the news on the network picture, could not believe their life from split sports car. At the same time, Manchester United two round win over Arsenal, into the 2008 – 09 season in the Champions League final, perhaps this is fate. God gave Boulter the world’s best run talent, the latter is unwilling to just sway in track and field. At the end of the London Olympics in 2012, Boulter easily defended 100 meters, 200 meters, two titles, and then he began to plan their new career planning. "Even if the end of the track and field career, I may switch to other projects, such as football." He knew he was in 2016 at the age of 30, barely 9.6 seconds out of such good results, but in football is more than sufficient. The evaluation of the English Premier League football player, he is without mercy: some removed England Super League winger but also so, passing is not accurate enough. And I can rely on speed off the defender, chances, might be the next C Ronaldo, I have the speed, it may have positive training. With the goal of becoming a footballer, Boulter began to belong to himself相关的主题文章: