A gas explosion in a household in the east of Jiangdong is a disaster for mice-jiqingwuyuetian

Jiangdong residents home gas explosion occurred and mice to blame "bomb" — the kitchen came a thunderous bang, then, is the sound of shattering glass, the whole house seemed to shake. The evening before, Ningbo Jiangdong Penglai District 1 building of the house of Cao granny, experienced such a scene. After that, one person made clear that the gas in the kitchen leaked and then led to a bombardment. Fortunately, no one has been in the kitchen, otherwise the consequences will be unthinkable. It is known that this gas burning accident is related to the rubber hose being gnawing at the mouse. Similar accidents have occurred in our city many times, and cause people to burn. The fire department reminds us that the use of gas in autumn and winter can not be ignored, and the citizens must be particularly vigilant. The gas explosion took place at 10 o’clock in the morning in the shower, and the reporters came to the house of Cao granny, who lived on the six floor. The kitchen was cleaned up, burnt to the corner of the tablecloth and the broken glass in the basin, and there were still traces of the bombardment. The family of Granny Cao is in Jiangsu, and has been living in Penglai district with his son’s family for four or five years. At about 8:45 the evening before, her daughter-in-law took her granddaughter in the bathroom, and she sat on the sofa and watched TV. Reckon granddaughter quick bath, when the explosion occurred. "The sound is very loud, just like a bomb." Granny Cao said that the glass door of the kitchen was bombed in front of her and fell into the living room, and the glass was broken. The ornaments on the wall seemed to be blown by the wind, and the sides were rocking. The door of the kitchen was full of debris in the rain. When the daughter-in-law came out with her granddaughter, she was scared. The kitchen stove is a mess, the ceiling was torn out of a large chimney, "fly" to the windowsill, and the glass window in the window on his. On the ground and wipe cloth and fire, a bucket of water poured over it out. "I don’t know what’s going on, the only guess is that the gas is leaking." Cao said the grandmother, after she was scared — 6 in the afternoon, she also opened a gas stove to cook the dinner, at that time did not explode. Otherwise, with such a scary destructive force, she would not be burned and hurt. Is the mouse gnawing the tube and how does this explode happen? Firefighting, Gas Co staff in the gas cooker cabinet, found a clear section of the hose leak, take a look, really found the damaged mouth. According to the analysis of a staff member, is likely to be bitten by rats skin after gas pipeline, leakage gas spreading from the cupboard to the kitchen and living room. When the water heater is used, the gas also leaks more, and the fire or the static electricity will be bombardment. Yesterday, the reporter at Cao’s grandmother’s home also saw this cut of about 20 centimeters of hose. She said the hose was in the cupboard below the gas stove and didn’t notice it at ordinary times. According to the reporter, one end of the hose has an irregular ellipse, the size of the finger, the rodent is very obvious. "As long as the valve is opened, there will be a gas leak, escape into the air, is dangerous." According to Du Baofu, the captain of Jiangdong Rainbow Road Squadron, who was there, it was analyzed that the kitchen, doors and windows of Cao Nainai were all closed. In such a confined space, gas leakage is more than just a time bomb. In the autumn and winter season, it is common to use gas to keep watch for rats to bite gas hoses. They happen frequently in some old districts. Last June 16th, a gas explosion occurred in 89 buildings of the new village of Jiangdong Baihe Village, and a woman was burned. After investigation, the accident and the rubber hose is a rat bite, resulting in gas leakage on. According to Xing light Gas Co a responsible person, every year because of rats through the gas hose and gas leak events are about 40. "Mice are rodent animal, incisor growth, need to continue to bite hard things to wear, therefore, the home once the mouse, hose easily bitten." The person in charge is analyzed. Firefighters introduced, rats bite bad rubber skin tube, will lead to two consequences: first, gas leakage, the phenomenon of staff poisoning; the other is encountered after open fire or static electricity, causing combustion and explosion. The Gas Co recommends that the rubber tube should be regularly checked and replaced, and the best use of stainless steel pipes is to be used. Stainless steel pipe corrosion resistance, not afraid of mouse bite, also need not worry about aging problems, can reduce the security risks. At the moment the temperature drops, the gas heating will enter the peak period, the citizens are accustomed to close the doors and windows, and it is easier to cause gas safety accidents. Gas Co reminder: when using gas, should open the doors and windows in time ventilation; stop gas, before falling asleep, after go home before, should carefully check the stove and the pipeline valve is closed; in addition, not in the installation of gas inside the room to sleep, when using gas, to confirm whether the normal combustion after ignition, flame stabilization.

江东一居民家发生燃气爆炸 又是老鼠惹的祸“轰”———厨房里传来一阵炸雷般的爆响,紧接着,是玻璃碎裂的声音,整个房子似乎都在摇晃。前晚,宁波江东蓬莱小区1号楼的曹奶奶家中,经历了如此惊魂一幕。事后,一家人才搞清楚:厨房里的燃气发生泄漏,继而导致轰燃。幸亏无人待在厨房里,否则后果不堪设想。据了解,这起燃气轰燃事故,与橡皮软管被老鼠啃破有关。类似事故,在我市已多次发生,且造成人员烧伤。消防部门提醒,秋冬季用气安全不容忽视,市民须格外留神。洗澡时发生燃气爆炸昨天上午10点多,记者来到住在六楼的曹奶奶家中。厨房已收拾干净,被烧去一角的擦桌布和脸盆里的碎玻璃屑,仍遗留着轰燃过后的痕迹。曹奶奶一家是江苏人,随儿子一家住在蓬莱小区已有四五年。前晚约8点45分,儿媳带着孙女在浴室洗澡,她坐在客厅沙发上看电视。估摸着孙女快洗完澡了,这时,爆炸发生了。“声音很响,就跟炸弹一样。”曹奶奶说,厨房玻璃门在她眼前被炸飞,摔到了客厅里,玻璃全碎了。墙上挂着的饰品似被风吹过一般,两边摇晃。厨房门口,满是纷如雨下的碎片。儿媳妇带着孙女出来时,吓了一跳。厨房灶台上一片狼藉,吊顶被撕去了一大块,灯罩“飞”到了窗沿上,而玻璃移窗耷拉在了防盗窗上。地上和擦桌布还有明火,一桶水泼过去才浇灭。“我也不知道怎么回事,唯一的猜测,就是燃气泄漏了。”曹奶奶说,事后她感到后怕———当天下午6点多,她还开过燃气灶做晚饭,幸亏当时没爆炸。不然,照这么吓人的破坏力,她不被烧伤也会被炸伤。又是老鼠啃破了皮管这起爆炸是怎么发生的?消防、燃气公司人员在燃气灶下方柜子里,发现一截软管有明显泄漏,抽出来一看,果真发现了破损口。据一名工作人员分析,很可能是燃气管道被老鼠咬破表皮后,泄漏的燃气从柜子里蔓延到厨房和客厅。当热水器开始使用后,燃气也泄漏得更多,遇明火或静电就发生了轰燃。昨天,记者在曹奶奶家中也看到了这截长约20厘米的软管。她说,这截软管是在燃气灶下面的碗柜里,平时也没注意过。据记者观察,软管一端有个呈不规则椭圆形、指头大小的破口,啮印很明显。“只要开启阀门,就会有燃气泄漏,散逸到空气中,就危险了。”据到场处置的江东彩虹路中队队长杜保福分析,曹奶奶家中的厨房,门和窗当时都是关着的,在这样一个密闭空间里,燃气泄漏不止,无异于一颗定时炸弹。秋冬季节用气要留神老鼠咬坏燃气胶管事件很常见,在一些老小区时有发生———去年6月16日,江东白鹤新村89幢发生燃气爆炸,一名女子被烧伤。经调查,这起事故与橡胶软管被老鼠啃噬,造成燃气泄漏有关。据兴光燃气公司一名负责人称,每年因老鼠咬破燃气软管而发生燃气泄漏的事件有约40起。“老鼠是啮齿类动物,门齿不断生长,需不断啃咬硬物进行磨损,因此,家中一旦出现老鼠,软管很容易被咬破。”这名负责人分析。消防人员介绍,老鼠咬坏橡胶皮管,会导致两种后果:一是燃气泄漏,出现人员中毒现象;另一种就是遇到明火或静电后,引发燃烧爆炸。燃气公司建议,应经常检查、更换橡胶皮管,最好能使用不锈钢管。不锈钢管耐腐蚀抗氧化,不怕老鼠咬,也不用担心老化问题,可以减少安全隐患。眼下气温下降,用气取暖将进入高峰期,市民习惯关严门窗,更容易引发燃气安全事故。燃气公司提醒:使用燃气时,应及时打开门窗进行通风;停用燃气后、入睡前、离家出门前,应仔细检查灶具和管道阀门是否关闭;此外,不要在安装有燃气的房间内睡觉,使用燃气时,要确认点火后是否正常燃烧,火焰是否稳定。相关的主题文章: