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Pets Horses should be trained to load from an early age so that they be.e used to the lorry / trailer. Foals will usually follow the mare into the box or young inexperienced horses will often feel more .fortable following an older more experienced .panion. Food can also be used as a reward once in the box / trailer to relax the horse once in there. The space they first walk into should be as wide and visually spacious as possible. Front unloading trailers can also have the front ramp down so the space looks less confined. The procedure of walking horses into the box / trailer, relaxing and being rewarded in there, then leaving should be something that is done numerous times, almost so that the horse sees nothing out of the ordinary with the procedure. By being relaxed at the start of a first journey it will create a calmer more relaxing situation to begin with. For the first journey a short smooth trip should be arranged, if in a horse box a person can stay with the horse; this is illegal in a trailer. There are many theories that suggest the best possible ways of travelling horses. What is agreed upon is that horses should have enough space to spread their legs wide and find their own balance. Time spent training a horse to load without stress is time never wasted. This can save time, frustration worry and possible injury in the future when wanting to go to or leave from .petitions. A rough procedure for loading a horse with a handler and assistant is as follows; Prepare everything needed to ensure you can leave straight away, prior to getting the horse out of the stable. The assistant should stand quietly at the side of the ramp, visible to the horse, yet behind the horses eye as he walks in. The handler should stand on the near side of the horse by his shoulder and look towards the box / trailer rather than at the horse. It is useful to start away from the box / trailer, walk the horse on a small circle then from this circle, up on to the ramp. It is important that the handler does not pull the horse up the ramp as he is likely to pull back away from you and tensions can then start to rise. It is better to use feed to tempt him up the ramp rather than fight with the horse, if he does pull back go with him trying to stay to the side of him in a non confrontational manor. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: