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A man in Nanchong from the four floor to jump down dead wife divorce is living in poverty in 6, Pengan (micro-blog) county such as Zhen Mo Zi West Street Community in a 46 year old man jumped to his death. According to neighbors, the dead is due to no money to live, but also his wife to divorce, causing the man "skull" problems after the committed suicide. The remains of the deceased have been transported to the funeral home, but there are still many neighbors in knots together on the matter There were many discussions. The deceased surnamed Chen, a 46 year old wife and previous work in the field, last year by his family back to Pengan, the Chinese new year, had not. There are live in the same district residents told the Pengan side said, his wife is from Hainan, the son went to school in Hainan this year, his wife returned to Hainan, heard that divorce him. According to the informed sources, just went to his house and saw him a couple of days ago several community leaders. Now online said that he was seriously ill without money to jump, it is in." According to the real historic aunt said that he really had earlier prostatitis, his aunt brother-in-law gave him 2000 yuan of money to cure disease. I think the main reason, the fall, or poor, can not afford to eat rice, do not work, but also his wife to divorce, the skull appears trance, feel alive without meaning, just jump. Editor’s note: this has nothing to do with the original video, also called for further reading to save? Spoony woman jumping rescued at the fire brother "I hate you"

南充一男子从四楼跳下身亡 实为生活贫困老婆闹离婚 6日,蓬安(微博)县相如镇磨子西街社区一46岁男子跳楼身亡。据街坊邻居介绍,死者是由于没钱生活,老婆又要离婚,导致该男子“脑壳”出现问题后跳楼轻生。死者的遗体已运去殡仪馆,不过还是有许多街坊邻居三五成群地聚集在一起对此事议论纷纷。死者姓陈,今年46岁,以前和老婆在外地打工,去年被家人叫回蓬安,过年都过不起。有住同一小区的居民告诉蓬安身边事说,他老婆是海南人,儿子也在海南上学,今年老婆回海南了,听说要和他离婚。据该知情人士介绍,社区几位领导还在前几天刚去他家里看过他。“现在网上说他是得了重病无钱医治才跳楼的,那是在乱说。”据死者的隔房婶娘说,他确实得过前列腺炎,早前他姨姐夫给了他2000元钱,把病治好了。这次跳楼的主要原因,我想,还是人穷了,饭都吃不起,又没有工作,老婆又要离婚,脑壳出现恍惚了,觉得活着没有意思了,才跳的。编者注:该视频与原文无关,仅供扩展阅读 救人还被骂?痴情女子跳楼被救 怒骂消防小哥“我恨你们”相关的主题文章: