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Many hotels entered the "post merger era"   focus on domestic consumption upgrade — Finance — people.com.cn original title: hotel into the "post merger era" focus on domestic consumption upgrade Xinhua Shanghai October 6th news (reporter Chen love Wang Hok) recently, the first brigade, as announced the integration of the acquisition of Jinjiang Kang platinum; after Chinese, the first flagship store started trial operation. The tourism enterprises represented by the hotel groups have entered the post merger era". It is not difficult to find that, in any case, the integration of the company’s business, these enterprises have aimed at the trend of China’s consumer consumption upgrade, layout of high-quality tourism products. In April 2016, Home Inn group became the first hotel group holding subsidiary. The information system, reservation system and membership system of the first brigade Hotel and Home Inn will also be integrated and unified, and the integration of the project will be completed in the next 18 to 24 months. First brigade said that attention to the development of high-end market will become the focus of business integration of the new company. First brigade Hotel announcement showed that in the two quarter of 2016, Home Inn group all hotel RevPAR (average per room income) year-on-year growth of 3.6%, high-end hotels and Yi, such as home selected brands grew by 14.3% and 34.8%, respectively. In March last year, Jinjiang shares completed a 100% equity acquisition of France’s Louvre group, the second largest hotel group in Europe, with multiple brands incorporated into Jinjiang. Subsequently, Jinjiang began to focus on Campanile (translated as "Kang platinum") introduced into the Chinese market. According to Jinjiang stock relevant responsible person said, pay attention to quality, have certain cultural characteristics of the hotel, increasingly welcomed by consumers, but also become the company’s profit growth point. It is not difficult to find that the "Jinjiang capital" with the highest quality of service as the main brand of "Jinjiang capital" is the highest RevPAR in all kinds of "limited service" hotels. As of July this year, "Jinjiang capital" RevPAR reached 233.17 yuan. Industry insiders believe that tourists from the base of view, with the Shanghai Disney Park Park, tourism destination in East China is becoming richer, it also let more domestic and foreign tourists to travel. From the demand of tourists, some tourists from the simple "in-house", upgrade to the requirements of the "experience", in addition to the hotel facilities, health conditions to achieve higher standards, the hotel culture, including bedding color, hotel lobby furnishings, have become an important element in the tourist Select Hotel. In fact, in recent years, the capital operation of tourism industry is not uncommon, and most cases are focused on a concern – the upgrading of China’s consumer demand and level. Following the acquisition of Club Med, Atlantis investment since the Fosun Group recently with Europe’s largest leisure tourism group of Thomas Cook set up a joint venture company, and launched the Thomas Cook on the market (China tomai KUKE) "brand, further cultivating Chinese immigration travel market, provide high quality tourism products. Liang Xinjun, vice chairman and CEO of Fosun Group, believes that China is now in and out of China 多家酒店进入“并购后时代” 聚焦国内居民消费升级–财经–人民网 原标题:多家酒店进入“并购后时代” 聚焦国内居民消费升级   新华社上海10月6日专电(记者陈爱平 王鹤)近日,首旅、如家宣布整合统一;锦江收购康铂后在中国大陆首家旗舰店开始试运营。以酒店集团为代表的旅游企业,纷纷进入“并购后时代”。不难发现,无论如何整合公司业务,上述企业纷纷瞄准中国居民消费升级的趋势,布局高品质旅游产品。   首旅酒店公告表示,2016年4月,如家酒店集团正式成为首旅酒店集团控股子公司。首旅酒店、如家酒店的信息系统、预订系统以及会员系统也将整合统一,这一项目的整合将在未来18至24个月逐步完成。   首旅方面表示,重视发展中高端市场将成为新公司整合后的业务重点。首旅酒店公告显示,2016年二季度如家酒店集团所有酒店RevPAR(平均每间房收益)同比增幅为3.6%,中高端酒店和颐、如家精选品牌同比分别增长14.3%和34.8%。   去年3月,锦江股份完成对欧洲第二大酒店集团――法国卢浮集团的100%股权收购,多个品牌纳入锦江旗下。随后,锦江重点着手将Campanile(译名“康铂”)引入中国市场。   据锦江股份相关负责人透露,讲究品质、有一定文化特色的酒店,日益受到消费者欢迎,也成为公司盈利增长点。查阅锦江股份已披露的公告不难发现,以中高服务品质为主打的品牌“锦江都城”在各类“有限服务型”酒店中RevPAR是最高的。截至今年7月,“锦江都城”RevPAR达到233.17元。   业内人士分析认为,从游客基数来看,随着上海迪士尼乐园开园,华东地区旅游目的地日益丰富,这也让更多的国内外游客前往旅游。而从游客需求来看,一些游客从简单的‘住店’,升级为有要求的‘体验’,除了酒店硬件设施、卫生条件要达到较高的标准,酒店文化,包括床品色彩、酒店大堂陈设,都成为游客选择酒店的重要元素。   实际上,近年来旅游行业的资本运作并不少见,而多数案例无不聚焦一个关注――中国居民消费需求和水平的升级。   继收购Club Med、投资亚特兰蒂斯以来,复星集团近日与欧洲最大的休闲旅游集团之一Thomas Cook成立合资公司,并对中国市场推出“Thomas Cook(托迈酷客)”品牌,进一步深耕中国出入境游市场,提供高品质旅游产品。   复星集团副董事长兼首席执行官梁信军认为,目前,中国出入境市场均有进一步发掘的潜力:无论从市场价值还是每年出游人次来看,中国有着广阔的旅游市场,随着国内居民消费水平提升,第三产业尤其是旅游服务业将得到更快的发展,而出境游也成为中国居民越来越多的选择。   上海雅吉国际旅行社有限公司CEO王继萍分析,“不断扩大的旅游市场不仅为旅游行业提供了市场机会,也倒逼企业不断改革创新。以往旅行社通过低价竞争的盈利方式已经行不通,取而代之,旅游公司需要考虑如何资本化、市场化运作,借助战略投资者取得更快速的发展。” (责编:董思睿、杨虞波罗)相关的主题文章: