A sense of guilt aroused by life-w-inds.

A life awakens the guilt original title: a life awakens the guilt Author: Xiao Chang   source: Changjiang Daily, Shandong girl Xu Yuyu going into the University, on the occasion of the opening, a telecommunications fraud phone but she cheated 9900 yuan of tuition fees for all. Report back on the road, Xu Yuyu breathing cardiac arrest, rescue invalid, eventually left the world. I believe that every one concerned person, must be gnashing of teeth. Xu Yuyu’s mother leg disability unable to work, father at odd jobs to earn money, 9900 yuan is enough to let the family suffered a serious setback. A new life has opened the door to the young life suddenly gone, and in a wink, distraught. But the feeling of guilt through the phone filter, and even can not pass on the liar. Telephone fraud is usually the assembly line, the case, to deceive Xu Yuyu before, the number of calls the liar ah. In the eyes of the liar, the potential, direct victims, but to buy identity information, but the combination of data, fraud is not face to face violations, feel the presence of sin. Many people suffer, but usually not deceived a direct consequence of such a tragedy. The era of information and technology, self-protection skills in the times, a large 100 thousand + explosion models of this paper is to reveal new tricks, teach you how to cheat. There are a number of unclear marketing, harassing phone calls, are between fraud and advertising, even Mongolia with a turn, every day rang our cell phone. At first, you are very tired, for a long time, even learned to politely decline, encountered a liar, can do to deal with xipixiaolian. Since ancient times, fraud is not acceptable moral evil, since the first time since the babbling, teach parents probably don’t tell lies. It is this evil, in the information technology era, lush, it seems to become a byproduct of high-speed information, electronic noise is not immune, lying, cheating only occupy a number of segments, and the net one, take the bait, risk, or responsibility. Some acts not fraud, but fraud to open the floodgates wide to. Selling personal information, usually just considered to reveal privacy. The so-called section 170171 virtual operators for the platform, but also sub service. Data protection is a system engineering, but only a liar fraud. We usually have a kind of impossible to guard against feelings, struggling to cope with the time, see the transformation: fraud, inside the heart are not afraid of the curse. A 18 year old girl died, really bad shameless of fraud shocking show. No matter how Xu Yuyu’s physical condition, the degree of experience, this scam is definitely the direct cause of her death. It is really heartbreaking to see, this is a lot of people in fact already numb information fraud, a young life, the most direct harm to a poor family. The case has been the beginning of a thorough investigation, the hoax, and the involved fraud chain, destined to get punished. But I hope that this society has been on the daily information fraud do not relax vigilance, to maintain a sensitive threshold. Xu Yuyu, it’s too expensive, but Hao相关的主题文章: