A special guest from Slender West Lake in Yangzhou is Tang Guoqiang icesword

Yangzhou Slender West Lake to a special guest he is Tang Guoqiang in the early morning of the Slender West Lake, in the misty mist, like a natural landscape, like a fairyland. Slender West Lake water long, how many years through the vicissitudes of life. And a person, he through the years with their own interpretation of the role of Zhu Geliang, Emperor Yong Zheng, chairman mao…… Every character is a classic. He is the famous performing artist, Mr. Tang Guoqiang. Eight yesterday morning, Mr. Tang Guoqiang boarded the Slender West Lake restaurant, Yangzhou tea, enjoy the scenery on both sides. The ship on the water from the Slender West Lake to the East dike four bridges from Jinshan to Wuting, misty rain, from the north to 10000 garden Xichun station. Colorful trees, colorful chrysanthemum, accompanied by beautiful scenery on both sides of Slender West Lake continue to greet. Eat breakfast, enjoy the scenery of the side of Mr. Tang Guoqiang your mind. He said that in 2001, he came to Yangzhou to participate in the CCTV Mid Autumn Festival party, "the horizon at this time" performance. Mr. Tang Guoqiang also clearly remember, at that time, because of the need of performance, Jae Hee in front of the spring water, also set up a few hundred square stage performances. Sixteen years later, and then travel to Slender West Lake, the national 5A level scenic spots, beautiful water landscape is more beautiful and charming, can not let him go? So, in the boat, Mr. Tang Guoqiang was invited to the inscription pictures, he slightly pondered, vinci’s11 wrote "Yangzhou scenery show, wonderful in the water". These ten words express his love for Slender West Lake and the city of Yangzhou. Come to Yangzhou, visit Slender West Lake, although Tang Guoqiang in a hurry to depart this land, but should leave him the most beautiful impression. He said at the Yangzhou forum this afternoon after the interview, Yangzhou, a detachment of the city, has a very good space, there is a beautiful water city park.相关的主题文章: