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AA do not leak soy milk, which is very important to the impact of pregnancy! My mother – Sohu last menstrual period is -9 months in September 22nd 27, November 17th to hold a urine prompted by a sudden impulse in the toilet before death to check ZZY, do not know why, from the time the ZZY test is estimated to have 2-3 months, basically one second red"!! Sisters, if you haven’t been pregnant, long term madness made people prepare pregnant, intermittent conditioning but did not seem in after the loss, when your good pregnancy, you will understand the kind of mood, ignorant than surprise. Determined not to go to the hospital after confirmation! But I don’t want to highlight the mood and condition of my pregnancy! Pregnancy is the first step to the baby born we really have to face a lot, so these days I was ignorant of the force, do not know what to buy, do not know what to do! But I went to the night to buy a Maternity radiation suit! Popping out carefully! Posture is very important! Speaking of my experience ~ [] polycystic first said polycystic, I doubt I have with this summer, but not willing to believe that, first of all I do not have what disease of Department of gynaecology, then I did not clean sex life or poor hygiene, and later learned a relationship with polycystic endocrine, I think, after their marriage and her husband began to take care of business, there will be pressure on the job, then I felt her husband is not unlike other people’s boyfriend or husband will hurt people, often because the store things and I fight, or indifferent attitude or tone of impatience to me, let me just get married this girl. The little sisters were looking at a peripheral pain spoiled contrast, I was always happy, or cry or quarrel with him or the cold war, a lot of injustice and not say home, For a long time, there are endocrine disorders, weight more than and 20 pounds of fat than marriage, premarital 100 pounds, about 160 tall, previously quite beautiful, but now fat also feel a sense of inferiority, bad mood to vent to eat! So this is basically a vicious cycle! [] fallopian tube does not hurt people really sometimes husband in the marriage. It is difficult to adhere to, after the new year back to work soon, two people go to the hospital to do pre pregnancy check, check out the report with no problem, she said, that both of us are not for me, her mother was asked, is not to the fallopian tube check, or even my husband always said two aunt is fallopian tube! This sentence is all as can be imagined, can pull away from mother, yes, who are unwilling to doubt their son has a problem, but this sentence is the relationship between the cracks, I could not make to do this thing, then go to gynecology asked, [in the absence of contraceptive measures next year, if you are not pregnant, fallopian tube only need to do contrast so that pregnancy], half of the people do not need to hurry, do contrast, you don’t believe in yourself, it will only suffer! Is the contrast so cool? I’m counting on getting pregnant around December! Soybean milk] do not think it is true that soy milk, soy milk is to avoid minors. I do not know how many people like me, the normal male to female.相关的主题文章: