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"Absolutely life guard division" Guo Guangping anxious war set hearts – Sohu entertainment "breaking back division" Guo Guangping Sohu entertainment news "breaking back division" Guo Guangping anxious war set hearts 80 anniversary of the victory of the long march of the Red Army memorial revolutionary drama "absolutely life guard division" is CCTV broadcast hot recently. The play directed by Dong Yachun, Guo Guangping and other actors to join forces to join in the long march of our heroic army thirty-four division heroic deeds as material. Guo Guangping played the thirty-four division political commissar Cheng Cuilin in the play, in the face of the upcoming war, when he moved out of persuasion with their own faith and full of words over and over again encouraged soldiers in the war reassuring anxious. As the story goes, the first task — cover star column smooth crossing just the expansion near the thirty-four Division will usher in the layout of the Central Committee of the party, facing the first official task division on both nervous and excited. Before the battle, the soldiers of the psychological anxiety reached the highest point, at this time as political commissar Cheng Cuilin have started encouraging, teach the soldiers should adhere to the correct leadership of the CPC Central Committee, the heroic fight fierce enemies, and resolutely safeguard the Soviet red. It is also because of Cheng Cuilin’s unwavering faith given a lot of courage, on the occasion of World War II to appease the restless soldiers heart, made a contribution to the victory in the war. In the face of war and death, fear and escape is a normal physiological response of people and self protection, when the soldiers swing when Guo Guangping played the role of political commissar Cheng Cuilin is particularly prominent, how to pacify appease soldiers is a great test, the morale of the troops and the challenge to political leaders, and has aired the story Guo Guangping stable solid acting let the audience see the outstanding political commissar of a firm, fixed to the heart, but also let more excellent performance of the audience behind Guo Guangping started looking forward to.   相关的主题文章: