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Academician Yang Shuzi: no human science education incomplete original title: academician Yang Shuzi: no human science is incomplete the pictures from the official website of Huazhong University of science and technology and many China children, "Jingyesi" is the first poem of the Yang Shuzi society. In 1938, the Japanese invaders in Hukou near Jiangxi, 5 year old Yang Shuzi followed the family escape route, father of Yang Gengsheng poem wanderer homesickness into broken grief, Zhu young Yang Shuzi a sentence in mind, make efforts. More than half a century later, Yang Shuzi failed to live up to his father’s expectations. He developed the first signal processing system, published the first "reasoning" knowledge based on academic monographs, published the first article of intelligent manufacturing papers, 47 years old in Hubei province was the youngest of two professors of the Huazhong University of science and Technology (now Huazhong University of Science and Technology) the first academician. He is also known as the leader of the humanities education in the domestic university leaders, the president of the University on the rise of the humanitarian storm, today still affects thousands of College students. Yang Shuzi had a famous saying, "one country, one nation, no modern science, no advanced technology is backward, a dozen collapse; however, a country, a nation, no national tradition, no culture, will not play since the collapse of alienation." Many young people today to witness the impetuous and repression, the octogenarian more firmly own this life creed — scientific culture and humanistic culture blend, wings, indispensable. A boy was born in troubled times, partial exceptional admission longer troubled times, is a true portrayal of Yang Shuzi’s early life. Yang Shuzi with his family around the country, there is no condition to go to school. Early with Mr Sun Zhongshan, who is the father of revolutionary elder Yang Gengsheng personally taught, taught Yang Shuzi and brother Yang Zhongzi read prose, poetry reading, with "Book of Songs" "four books" and "Tang" classical Chinese "" traditional classics as he laid a solid base Ancient Chinese Literature Search. Victory on the eve of the war, only after one year of primary school Yang Shuzi skip into the Jiangxi middle school. Later, Yang returned to his hometown in Hukou, Yang Shuzi also reversed the Hukou junior high school. Eager to learn the time, also had the teen spirit. In the chemistry class, some naughty Yang Shuzi was criticized by the teacher: "Yang Shuzi has no chemistry and chemistry." He never learns chemistry. Senior high school entrance examination, Yang Shuzi for the Jiujiang middle school with the almost failed, his number of language performance nearly full, but failed the physical and chemical, chemical only a poor 25 points. Yang Shuzi later learned that he was taking, middle school with the examiner saw him almost out of the number of language achievement, the first thought is, "the children learn the language of the number is so good, physical and chemical will be really bad?" Indeed, the school learning achievement than fight race each other, the atmosphere he. By the end of the first semester, his grades have leapt to second in the class. Let Yang Shuzi infinite emotion is, how many years later, even if it is already a university president相关的主题文章: