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Home-Securtiy Every business, regardless of what service or product is provided, has sensitive information that needs to be kept secured at all times. In today’s high-tech world of identity theft and schemes involving computers and the internet it’s more important than ever to be sure that your business is protected by more than just a locked door. Access control systems can help prevent the loss of or unauthorized access to assets or sensitive information. Sites like ..Certified.mercialSecurity… can help. What Is Access Control? Access control is the implementation of security protocol and systems designed to monitor activity within a given area of your business and restrict access to that area. While advances in technology and the ease at which criminals can now infiltrate systems and information has brought us to this need for more advanced security measures, it’s also technological advancement that is helping to protect and safeguard your assets and information. Access Control Systems There are a number of different security implements that can be used to restrict access and monitor activity within your business. For restriction and monitoring of ingress and egress in designated areas the use of different kinds of identification cards is an excellent option. These cards have .e a long way from a simple name tag or photo I.D. For instance, using Proximity cards your employees don’t even have to .e into physical contact with a reader (Security Services Glossary). They simply have to be within a certain distance of the reader and it will register their presence and identity. Biometric readers can process identity through reading the potential entrant’s fingerprints and either allow or deny access. .mon Access Cards can protect your networks and .puter systems from being accessed by unauthorized personnel as well. For optimum security and protection, it’s wise to have these systems integrated with surveillance cameras, inter. systems, and other security measures that you may already have in place. With total system integration amongst your security implements you further ensure that no activity, illegal or otherwise, will go undetected. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: