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Fraud suspect Xu Yuyu according to the script roles play a telephone fraud cheat light tuition Shandong Linyi prospective college students Xu Yuyu, also took the 18 year old girl young life. Recently, the unified command of the Ministry of public security, the 8 suspects are arrested. CCTV reporter interviewed on the fraud suspect, when the liar scam restore the integrity of the tragic death of Xu Yuyu, the reporter found, exposing the telecommunications fraud behind those still in the gap and open the black hole. Role playing Gang precise fraud on the afternoon of August 19, 2016, playing a phone call home to Xu Yuyu joy. Xu Yuyu, who lives in Shandong, admitted to the Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications this year, due to family difficulties, she applied for grants to the education sector, there is a call to inform her that she will be able to receive the grant immediately in Linyi. The call to call the staff of the education bureau is from Jiangxi, Jiujiang. In the afternoon, the person who made the call was Zheng Xiancong. Zheng Xiancong, 26, Yongchun County, Fujian Province, who dropped out of elementary school when he was in grade, played a role in the scam as a staff member of the board of education. Zheng Xiancong said, "I told her there was a $2680 student grant. If you want to receive, today is the last day, you have to contact with the Finance Bureau staff." When Xu Yuyu in accordance with the other side of the Financial Bureau to provide the number of the past, the person who answered the phone is also rented house in Jiangxi, Jiujiang, posing as Finance Bureau staff of the Chen Wenhui. Chen Wenhui said, that day should be playing one hundred or two hundred phone calls, but only one of the success of the money cheated Xu Yuyu. Chen Wenhui, 22 years old, Anxi County of Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, the first grade junior high school, his role is to work personnel and Finance Bureau, which is the most critical part of the trick, trick each remittance. "Is to ask her to go to the bank to check, see this subsidy to no, and then by the way check her card how much money above". Afternoon, Xu Yuyu in the rain came to the bank, on the other side of the phone, Chen Wenhui began to implement the whole trick the most important step, in order to activate the account name, trap Xu Yuyu remittance. Chen Wenhui asked Xu Yuyu to have the tuition fees of the bank card full withdrawals, save to his designated student account activation. Automatic teller machine before the monitoring probe left the last image of Xu Yuyu. Around 5:30 in the afternoon, Xu Yuyu took out 9900 yuan tuition, and then all deposited in the bank account sent by a liar. Because Zheng Xiancong called to tell Xu Yuyu what the name, in which school, what is the name of her parents, so she has been convinced. Special places to take the money Xu Yuyu teller succeeded associates convinced, until they leave the world, the 18 year old girl did not know their personal information has been stolen and sold. Just waiting for her to send money in the rain, when an automatic teller machine in Fujian, Quanzhou, has been taken out of her 9900 yuan tuition. Chen Wenhui call the Quanzhou partner Zheng Jinfeng, Zheng Jinfeng responsible for the withdrawal of the super bear arrangements take money and spoils. Late apparent相关的主题文章: