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The frontier | Nature release calculation and theoretical analysis of neural science special issue: machine learning to promote the progress of Neuroscience – under the Sohu technology selected from Nature Neuroscience machine heart involvement: driving method to compile calculating Jiang Siyuan, Du Nature f. Hirth Neuroscience recently launched a focus on applied in neural science and theory (computation- and theory-driven approaches) the special issue, introduced many biological physical model and mechanical model. Related papers can be read "read the original" view. Advances in neuroscience research cannot be separated from data collection, and complex methods are needed to assemble and synthesize these data into a broader framework. Theoretical neuroscience, together with the necessary computational techniques, will ensure that our efforts are not just a matter of mass collection. In this issue, Nature Neuroscience presents a number of papers, reviews, and perspectives, including a host of current thinking in the field, from neural networks and networks to cognitive assessment and mental illness. Deep insights into neural mechanisms are derived from theoretical studies. It is shown that the Hodgkin-Huxley model of the action potential propagation, the plasticity rule of Hebbian-based, the effective coding hypothesis of Barlow and the three layer analysis model of Marr are powerful proof. In spite of these achievements, however, there is still a disconnect between experiment and theory in biology, which is almost unimaginable in physics. Technical progress makes the theoretical and experimental biology in modern neuroscience from more prophetic vision. It is the ability to generate such a large amount of data that requires a keen focus on experimental design and focus. Because in the absence of theoretical basis on the condition of conceptualization on this issue, but a number of experimental neuroscience is to observe the simple stack, as the universe is built on the back of turtles that the legendary model is meaningless. Nature Neuroscience published a special issue on computational neuroscience, already published three period. The first issue is a major but not very important part of the mainstream historical review of the field. The next two ~ respectively introduces some review and major research paper. Now we are at a critical point, namely, the field has matured enough to be a special issue of new, made summary and perspectives and a commentary, highlighted some recent advances in computational and theoretical neuroscience. Experimental innovation has spread to almost every branch of neuroscience, with more data on each problem. In the "critical moment theory of neural science, concept and technology progress" (Conceptual and technical advances define a key moment for theoretical neuroscience) in this paper, Churchland and Abbott recommend n相关的主题文章: