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Aviation Damdama pond is a remote , bumpy position with crumbling pond and Kikar trees and shrubs & plants, Experience fans like to path down to get pure forest feeling after lunchtime, Damdama Lake is a beautiful pond filled with plenty of the water and located just 45 kms from Delhi. Damdama pond is located on just 1.5 hrs drive from Delhi, Damdama Lake is a perfect position located near Delhi to have trip trip, eat outside, day trip, vacation, Business group development trip etc. adventure trip. Damdama Lake is located near Aravali mountains and two towns known as as Damdama & Abhaypur are located near to Damdama Lake. Haryana Travel and leisure is operating a resort & bar known as as Saras Vacationer .plicated Damdama Lake which has air programmed rooms & bar facility, Saras tourist .plex also has sailing features available on expense at Damdama pond, on saturdays and sundays camel drive is also available on financial institutions of Damdama Lake. Haryana Travel and leisure has made and adventure camping near Damdama pond which has air programmed ideologies ( europe tents) with cafe and adventure features. Damdama pond is an ideal position for school day eat outside and night stay offers with looking at the stars etc. Almost every corporate is visiting Damdama pond for group development or off-site programs to Damdama pond , one can appreciate group development games like sightless creases, pail story, human ski, tug of war and many more at Damdama pond. KING’S RESORT DAMDAMA LAKE King’s Hotel is one of the best located hotels in Damdama pond , Leaders Hotel is spread in 20 miles of place and is the biggest pond side resort , Leaders resort has europe bungalow camping tents with all modern features as connected bathrooms , operating hot & cold the water, Power Etc. King’s Hotel has set up for adventure activities at Aravali mountains , one can appreciate lengthiest traveling fox in Delhi place at King’s Hotel Damdama Lake only , An synthetic going up the wall is there to educate you going up the training though going up the on natural stones of Aravali mountains is also possible , Rainfall dancing and pool are other major destinations at King’s Hotel Damdama Lake. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: