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AFC Champions League + three + Championship relegation this season’s super clear mystery suspense 2016 Super League season with four round of the championship, but did not play, AFC Champions League seats and the three echelon war mystery has almost all the crack, if not a big surprise, at the end of the four round of the Super League this season remaining virtually no suspense. Title: Hengda win unstoppable twenty-sixth round, Hengda is Hong Kong draw, but followed by Suning has lost "urgent need" fractional echelon Hangzhou Greentown, Suning and Hengda difference was widened to 7 points, with four round case, Super Championship lost the suspense, Hengda six consecutive years the pace has been unstoppable. From the point of view of the integral, the state of the team and the last four rounds, the situation is better than suning. At present, Hengda to 57 points in the league table top, ahead of Suning 7 points, the rest of the game is relatively easy. The next game against Yongchang, Hengda occupy absolute advantage in strength, Suning will have to face the strength is not in their own home court and need solid seats on the Hong Kong AFC Champions League. In contrast, the natural Suning easier to lose points". After the penultimate round, Hengda home court against "Wuyuwuqiu" Yanbian Fuld, Suning is likely not to wait until the last second rounds of direct talks, had watched the title ahead of two rival. Of course, Hengda is not without hidden dangers. In the last round of the tournament, Li Xuepeng, Kim Yong and Chen Zepeng have been injured, coupled with the previous injuries, such as Liu Jian, Hengda array can be described as scarred". But fortunately, in the upcoming off-season, Hengda array "wounded" will get some rest time, this is a good news for hengda. AFC Champions League seats: Shanghai hutch dominate the top two of the League Hengda and Suning to reach the FA Cup final, which means whether Hengda or Suning won the FA Cup champion, super fourth names will be AFC Champions League seats. The fact that the Hong Kong Shenhua and the Shanghai clubs have more strategic space, the two teams had to kill third in the League had been exhausted, but are now in the fifth leading 7 points above the situation, the Hong Kong Shenhua and then stay in the top four positions almost no difficulty. Originally had hoped to attack the AFC Champions League League Beijing Guoan home court after the team lost to Shandong Luneng, only 36 points the Team Guoan has actually much harder than the Hong Kong team ranked fourth in the four round, after all, the Hong Kong team only need to win two can lock fourth. In Hong Kong, although the latter four round opponent seemingly is not weak, but if not Su Ning in the body after two points, three home court on the Hong Kong team can also get enough points in the body, Luneng TEDA, china. As long as the Shenhua team won four points will be able to lock the AFC Champions League seats for Shenhua, this is not too difficult to do. However, based on the AFC Champions League hold seats, Shanghai hutch will honor the super third, after all, in the next year AFC Champions League League, the super third may directly enter the race, while the fourth is set to play by play. The relegation battle: Yongchang Yatai unable to accumulate 24 points Yongchang Tianmu before and 23 Yatai in the Premier League at the end of two, and third from the front相关的主题文章: