After the old man died in hospital surgery was found to be fined 120 yuan hospital-ca4111

The old man died after surgery found expired medicine hospital fined 120 yuan original title: the old man was found dead in the fracture surgery hospital punished expired drugs found in the operation room found drugs have expired in the operation room drug has expired the original title: the old man died after fracture surgery found expired medicine hospital was fined 120 Yuan core tip: 61 years old the sudden death of patella fractures caused by falls, in the hospital, the family of the deceased in the operation room to find the anesthetic needle pharmacy expired. The family lives in Puyang County Liang township of Mr. Wang mentioned his uncle’s death was very surprised. In this regard, pear township hospital said, expired drugs in operation room, because has not been processed, not in the patient. The local food and Drug Administration said it had sealed off the expired drugs and that the hospital was using expired drugs. About patient death fracture, operation room found expired drugs in the afternoon of August 24th, who lives in Puyang County Liang Zhuang Xiang Hou Lou Cun Wang Zengchun villagers went out in sheep back home, because the shoe sole covered with mud and water, after the house accidentally fell to the ground. Wang Zengchun’s family will be sent to the emergency treatment, pear township hospital after examination, found that the left patella fracture, on the afternoon of 25 scheduled surgery. Mr. Wang, August 25th around 4 pm, the uncle was sent into the operation room, about an hour later, a doctor asked whether the elderly had epilepsy, coronary heart disease, family denied, the doctor turned again into the operation room. 7 pm, the hospital told the Wang Zengchun family during the operation of a sudden increase in blood pressure, heart rate and other symptoms after instability, died after death. "At that time it was incredible, we entered the operation room to see the situation." Mr. Wang said. In the operation room, they found a lot of expired drugs. Yesterday, Mr. Wang presented a few photos to the Dahe newspaper reporter, the reporter saw in the picture, in the operation room of a metal cabinets stacked with a lot of drugs, including a photo display, one already used the name "Lidocaine Hydrochloride Injection" injection, clearly printed with "valid until 2016.06". Statement of expired drugs in the operation room, the relevant departments have been seized according to Mr. Wang, these expired drugs is found from a cabinet in the operating room, in addition to the local anesthetics, and sodium chloride, glucose and other drugs. Why is there so many expired drugs in the operation room? When was the anesthetic needle that had expired for more than 2 months?" Mr. Wang said the matter was very puzzled. Dahe newspaper reporter saw from the day of the family shooting photos, including a box of Lidocaine Hydrochloride Injection valid until October 18, 2014. In addition, some Sodium Chloride Injection valid until September 10, 2015. According to family members, found this situation, the family has been reflected in this case to the Puyang County food and drug administration, the unit has been part of the expired drugs seized and brought back for the next investigation. August 29th morning, Dahe reporter came to Puyang County food Kay相关的主题文章: