After the strength of institutions strongly recommended 6 extremely undervalued gold

After the strength of institutions strongly recommended 6 extremely undervalued shares: black gold stocks to benefit from high elastic carbon black dragon head earnings forecasts and valuation of coke supply side reform: maintain the profit forecast, will not consider additional, we expect the company’s 2016~18 operating income of 50.2, 64.7, 7 billion 180 million yuan, 0.27 yuan, 0.21, EPS0.12. Maintain the target price of 8.27~8.69 yuan shares to maintain overweight rating. China and Thailand securities xiongtao shares: the endogenous power lithium battery + extension fuel cell investment suggestion: as a leader in the traditional battery industry, the traditional UPS business growth performance is stable, energy storage battery striding development, lithium battery business is expected to greatly release in the next two years, ahead of the layout of the fuel cell, the future will become a new growth point performance. Expected 2016-2018 EPS were 0.49, 0.73, $0.98, corresponding to PE were 48.8, 33.1, 24.6 times, for the first time given to buy a A rating, the target price of 6 yuan a month. China Securities: to build the new halo net company profit growth in new students and extension to enter the cloud computing market, enhance the profitability of the company: cloud computing, cloud engine as the core network and terminal information infrastructure, such as the second industrial revolution like electricity, will become a public infrastructure of social services. Therefore, the company is also increasing investment in cloud computing business. In the Amazon AWS and UNITEDSTACK entered the laaS market segment and the acquisition of warriors technology into the SaaS market, will enhance the company’s profitability. Investment advice: our Forecast Ltd from 2016 to 2018 earnings per share of 0.54 yuan, respectively, $0.72 and $1.39. Maintain buy a A rating, 6 months target price of $48. China Securities Hualian Holdings: transformation imperative earnings forecasts and investment advice. The company’s real estate business in 2016-2018 for the settlement peak; currently holds 115 million shares of the Shenzhou A shares of the Great Wall, the need for flexible visualization. 2016-2018 basic earnings per share is expected to be 0.98 yuan, respectively, $1.44 and $1.34, to September 28th closing price of $9.43 as the benchmark, the corresponding dynamic price earnings ratio of 10 times, respectively, and 7 times. After calculation, the company RNAV per share of 7.06 yuan. The company’s asset quality, there is expected to transition, for the first time to give the company buy rating. Southwest Securities Tonge unitoll company in Shenzhen: integration of resources to banner, benefit the city to upgrade and maintain a "buy" Rating firm is the reform of state-owned enterprises in Shenzhen banner, is an important platform for deepening reform, integration of resources, has the ability to grab high-quality resources, continue to benefit from the city to upgrade the dividends. 16-17 EPS is expected to be 0.39 yuan in to maintain a buy rating. Guoxin Securities hengshuncuye: focus on the industry forecast 2016 revenue reached 1 billion 446 million. 20172018, 1 respectively on revenue growth forecast相关的主题文章: