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Air China in 2016 winter flight season dream heart fly – Sohu China Tourism International Uni Airways Corporation (hereinafter referred to as the "air") started 20167 years in winter and spring flight plan in October 30, 2016. After the season, the air operated passenger route number reached 376, including 101 international routes, 14 regional routes and 261 domestic routes. Navigable countries (regions) 39, navigable city of 178, including international and regional 67, the domestic 111. The average daily operation of 1210 vehicles, an increase of 10.1% in 20156 years. Encryption of popular tourist destinations in the flight flight season, Air China to increase capacity in more than 10 international routes increased investment, especially Oceania and Southeast Asia to increase amplitude. As the northern hemisphere cooler weather, season travel in Oceania in the southern hemisphere, Southeast Asian island to become the people’s first choice for travel, for Air China in Beijing – Melbourne, Beijing – Oakland, Beijing – Sydney, Beijing – Chiang Mai, Beijing – Bangkok, Beijing – Phuket, Beijing Hu Zhiming and other routes increased class. In order to meet the travel needs of passengers. In addition, in the same period by class include Beijing – Hawaii route CA837 flight 8, Beijing – Montreal route flight CA879 80, Lanzhou – Beijing – Kuala Lumpur route CA871 CA945 flight 2, Beijing – Islamabad – Chengdu – Karachi Route 6 and Kathmandu route flight CA437 flight 8. The Boeing 787 Dreamliner will fly to America, Oceania route since June 1st this year, Air China Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner continue to fly to Beijing – Shanghai, Beijing – Guangzhou route, Beijing – Frankfurt, Beijing – Rome and other central European routes. The flight season, the models will continue to join America, Oceania airlines, October 30, 2016, Boeing 787-9 will be in the new season to fly Beijing – Oakland route, flight number CA783 4; November 17th to fly Beijing – Losangeles route, flight number CA887 8, bringing passengers more convenient travel experience. Air China in May 2016 to October began to introduce 7 Boeing 787 aircraft, this is the history of aviation’s first ultra long-range sized aircraft, which is characterized by extensive use of composite materials, low fuel consumption, low pollution, high efficiency and comfortable cabin environment, not only can achieve more point-to-point non-stop flights let the flight, and more stable and quiet and environmental protection. To expand the regional hub route network layout in 2016, Air China continues to accelerate in Beijing as a global hub route network layout, on international routes throughout Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Africa and Oceania on six continents and regions also focus on the city’s route network coverage, to expand its international routes radiation intensity. Air China this year have opened in Shenzhen – Beijing – Losangeles, Chongqing – Dubai, Wenzhou – Seoul, Shenzhen – Frankfurt, Hangzhou – Surat Thani, Yinchuan – Chongqing – Nha Trang, Shanghai – San Jose, Beijing – Warsaw route,.相关的主题文章: