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Talk about the country where air force spokesman further deepen the National Defense Education — Shandong Channel – air force spokesman Colonel shen. In September 29th, the Xinhua News Agency "Xinhua Daily Telegraph" commentary edition, published articles written by the air force spokesman "constantly strengthen the national defense education". The article puts forward: it is a successful national defense education to spread the achievements of national defense construction. The national defense education should return to the truth and continue to innovate. We hope that through our efforts, we will continuously enhance the concept of national defense and make the whole society’s ideological consensus and conscious action concerned about national defense, national defense, national defense and national defense. Firstly, for example: in mid July, "Air Force bombers -6K cruise to Huangyan island" after the news release, the community and the majority of Internet users strong repercussions, "this is Chinese" and "praise the motherland" has become a hot online frequency word, the public saw great achievements of China’s national defense and army building from. Wide media coverage, strong positive opinion to boost morale morale, enhance and firmly safeguard national sovereignty and maritime rights and interests of faith. This inspires us to spread the achievements of our national defense construction and be a successful national defense education. The article puts forward: on defense issues, especially on some specious, confuse the public wrong views, promptly refuted, clarify, defense education itself is a very good. For example, in recent years, people have been selling "low free open" and put forward "open all the space below 1000 meters". Some experts have proposed that our country, like some countries, let the aircraft "at any time, go anywhere". In fact, no country does that. These improper and unrealistic public opinions have misled the public and brought negative effects on the air security of our country. For example, one had a small aircraft flight irregularities, caused by the civil aviation airport closed for 56 minutes, 18 alternate flights and delay. A company in a certain area has carried out commercial aerial photography, leading to the emergency evacuation of a number of airplanes in the airport. In November 2015, a video of a "UAV 500 meter high air fighter" was heated on the Internet. In the video, a multi – rotor unmanned aerial vehicle hovers over a city, almost colliding with a fighter plane that is approaching landing. In some places the UAV from falling, smashed vehicle insurance wounding problem. The vast number of netizens appeal: unmanned aerial vehicles can not be unmanned! The "God" should be well behaved! The resonance point of the netizens is also the point for us to carry out national defense education and strengthen air management. Any air activity, to ensure national defense safety, public safety and personal safety. The article said: the national defense education should focus on the poly "talent", "bright military force training new military talents" orientation. The growth of military personnel have periodic law of specific needs, both the military force connection. For example, the flying cadets now recruited by the air force will be able to form a combat force after 6-7 years and be able to grow into excellent military commanders in 20 years. With the gradual updating and replacement of weapons and equipment, the requirements for the basic qualities of the pilots are higher and more strict. Especially for new fighters, such as fast speed, heavy load and long service life, the pilots must go to the sea and plateau to perform the task of flying continuously, so they must have strong physique and good psychological quality. The military force training new military talents put forward new requirements and new standards. Our country has the advantage of talent resources. It is urgent to attract new young students’ motivation and seize the commanding heights of competition for flying talents. This is also a new topic for developing national defense education. Look forward to the military efforts of all parties, conveying talents for the flight reserve air force reserve, to achieve the organic unity of the construction of the air force aviation power and power. The article puts forward: national defense education should also focus on poly "heroism", distinct "let more people especially the young people worship heroes" guide. The people’s army many heroes, defend the territorial sovereignty security and protect our peaceful and happy life, need heroes. In order to let more people especially young people approached the hero, hero, hero worship understanding, the air force launched a set of "an Air Force combat hero" propaganda souvenir, with modern communication concept, international communication thinking, introduced Zhang Jihui, Liu Yudi, Wang Hai, Zhao Baotong, Sun Shenglu 5 an air force combat hero fighting and merit classic examples. "Air force first class battle hero" commemorating the seal into the national primary and secondary schools, towards the sea and abroad, to become the "beloved" and "collection of treasures". The heroic complex is interlinked and the heroic uprightness of the world is admired. To deepen national defense education, we should focus on fighting heroes, and be good at telling the story of battle heroes and revolutionary traditional stories with the idea of modern communication and the thinking of international communication. In September 23rd, the Xinhua Daily Telegraph also published the news of Xinhua news agency, "the Chinese air force is flying higher and higher in open confidence", and reported the air force spokesman’s briefing on the air force mission in Shenzhen SAR national defense forum. The air force spokesman said at the Forum: the air force to enhance the level of combat training for traction, control over the island chain, the East China Sea, South China Sea, the battle cruiser sword plateau, while speeding up the system development of high-tech weaponry, the air force to promote the strategic transformation from quantitative to qualitative leap accumulation. (commissioning editor Nie Junqiong and Hu Honglin)

空军发言人谈国何进一步深化全民国防教育–山东频道–人民网   空军新闻发言人申进科大校。   9月29日,新华社主办的《新华每日电讯》评论专版,刊发空军发言人撰写的文章《不断增强国防教育实效》。文章提出:传播好国防建设成就,也是成功的国防教育。国防教育要回归本真,也要不断创新。期望通过我们的努力,不断增强全民国防观念,使关心国防、热爱国防、建设国防、保卫国防成为全社会的思想共识和自觉行动。   文章首先举例说:7月中旬,“空军轰-6K巡航黄岩岛”的消息发布后,社会各界和广大网民反响强烈,“这很中国”“点赞祖国”成为网上热频词,公众从中看到我国国防和军队建设的巨大成绩。新闻媒体广泛报道后,壮大了提振民心军心的积极舆论,增强了军民坚定捍卫国家主权和海洋权益的信心。这启示我们,传播好我们的国防建设成就,也是成功的国防教育。   文章提出:在国防问题上,对一些似是而非,尤其是混淆视听的错误观点,及时驳斥、澄清,本身就是很好的国防教育。比如,近年来,不断有人抛售“低空放开”说,提出“将1000米以下空域全部放开”。有的专家提出,我国要像有些国家那样,让航空器“可以在任何时间、去低空任何地方”。而事实上,任何国家都不会这么做。这些不当、不实舆论,误导了社会公众,给我国空中安全带来消极影响。比如,某地曾有一架小型航空器违规飞行,造成民航机场关闭56分钟,18个航班备降和延误。某地一家公司曾进行商业性航拍飞行,导致待降机场的多架民航飞机空中紧急避让。2015年11月,一段“无人机500米高空偶遇战斗机”的视频在互联网上热传。视频中,一架多旋翼无人机在某城市上空悬停拍摄,几乎与一架正在进近着陆的战斗机相撞。有的地方发生了无人机从高空坠落,砸坏车辆险伤人的问题。广大网民呼吁:无人机不能无人管!“上天”也要守规矩!网民的共鸣点,也是我们开展国防教育、加强空中管理的着眼点。任何空中活动,都要以确保国家空防安全、公共安全和个人安全为前提。   文章说:国防教育要着眼于多聚“才气”,鲜明“军地合力培养造就新型军事人才”的导向。军事人才成长有特定的周期律,需要军地双方接续用力。比如,空军现在招收的飞行学员,6-7年后才能形成战斗力,20年后才能成长为优秀军事指挥员。随着武器装备的逐步更新换代,对飞行员基本素质的要求更高更严。特别是新型战机速度快、过载大、续航长,战机飞行员到海上和高原执行任务,需空中加油连续飞行,必须具备强健体魄和良好心理素质。这对军地合力培养造就新型军事人才提出了新标准、新要求。我们国家有人才资源优势,迫切需要吸引优秀青年学子的新动力、抢占飞行人才竞争的制高点,这也是开展全民国防教育的新课题。期待军地各方共同努力,为人民空军储备输送优秀的飞行后备人才,实现建设航空大国与强国空军的有机统一。   文章提出:国防教育还要着眼于多聚“豪气”,鲜明“让更多民众特别是青少年尊崇英雄”的导向。人民军队多英雄,捍卫领土主权安全、守护我们的幸福安宁生活,需要英雄辈出。为了让更多民众特别是广大青少年走近英雄、认识英雄、尊崇英雄,空军推出一套《空军一级战斗英雄》外宣纪念封,用现代传播理念、国际传播思维,系统介绍王海、张积慧、刘玉堤、赵宝桐、孙生禄5位空军一级战斗英雄的战斗功绩和经典战例。《空军一级战斗英雄》纪念封走进全国中小学校、走向了海内外,成为大家的“心爱之物”和“收藏珍品”。英雄情结各国相通,英雄血性举世敬仰。深化全民国防教育,要聚焦战斗英雄,善于用现代传播理念、国际传播思维讲好战斗英雄故事、革命传统故事。   9月23日,新华每日电讯还刊发了新华社播发的消息《中国空军在开放自信中飞得更高更远》,报道了空军发言人在深圳特区国防论坛上有关空军使命的情况介绍。空军发言人在论坛上表示:空军以提升实战化训练水平为牵引,飞越岛链、管控东海、战巡南海、砺剑高原,同时加快成体系发展高新武器装备,推进空军战略转型由量变积累向质变跨越。 (责编:聂俊穹、胡洪林)相关的主题文章: