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All about you, "winter" and "benefit" – Sohu car last autumn, the North was chilly, the South has bid farewell to the "autumn" ushered in the cold air, the harsh climate brings a severe test to the vehicle. In order to let the car run smoothly through the whole winter, a year of car is also time to stop and rest, do a depth inspection and maintenance. All love, good faith, a lot of surprises, Hao Li constantly. Lufeng car to prepare a lot of Marriott owners: the owners can enjoy the full stop car free inspection, booking station can also get a gift oh. All look forward to your participation, come to a car body SPA! [time] November 1, 2016 -11 30 [] activities activities: the call to "benefit" in member customers can be free to add Landwind original fangdongye or fine a package (two) two activities: about the benefits of good reservation in customers, you can receive a car with the car wash towels 1 or 1 bottles of fine wiper (two) three: "benefit" in the winter up customers, can enjoy the whole car free inspection activities: "four benefits" to enjoy the maintenance maintenance package to buy, buy more and get more care, "Hui", "Hui" come about! (no time cost)相关的主题文章: