All over the county to withdraw from the area the city was more direct support for investment –

Keen around the county area by the city: in support of more direct investment to Sohu with news around the county area, the center city is the county to bid farewell to the era, more and more city road, is the county districts stride forward, what drives the tide? This is not the inevitable trend of urban and industrial development? What changes will bring to the city? These questions are worthy of careful thought — Wuhan District of Jiangxia City, Xiong Guilin made a postman for 26 years, this year, he personally received nationwide letters, have changed a lot from the address, he felt the change of county districts from Tianjin City: revocation of Jixian County, the establishment of Jizhou District Shanghai city; revocation of Chongming County, the establishment of Chongming district; Beijing revocation of Miyun and Yanqing County, the establishment of the Yanqing area of Miyun District…… Less than a year, in addition to Chongqing, the three municipalities have the basic county has bid farewell to the era. County to change the boom, not only in the municipalities directly under the central government. In recent years, the country’s major central cities, the county has basically been (city) to the district. In the new round of the county set up by the District, according to the Ministry of civil affairs news earlier this year, the country has 165 counties, withdrawal county set up district (city) declared material has been submitted to the State Council for approval. The establishment of the county into the trend of the county area, is the natural trend of urban and industrial development process." Vice President Wu Yongbao researcher at the Wuhan Academy of Social Sciences, said that since the reform and opening up, the County District of more than and 100, mostly concentrated in the new century before and after a few years, and more concentrated in the eastern coastal provinces, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shandong area is close to the total amount of half. Wuhan, as the only sub provincial capital city in the central region, as early as the end of the last century in 90s to achieve the "no county", the jurisdiction of the 7 central city and the city of 6. Behind the municipal or county deputy provincial city tide, an important reason is that in the center of the city is getting more and more serious political and economic aspects: one is the county economy after decades of development of the urgent need to upgrade; on the other hand is hope in promoting the city and regional economic competition in the future. The big city can become to seize the high point of the Holy grail. Wu Yongbao said that the withdrawal of the county as a way to adjust the administrative divisions, can be regarded as one of the most rigid macroeconomic regulation and control mode, the economic and social development has a strong leading role. To the district county, can make the city to mobilize a wider range of resources, energy concentrating power, can coordinate the industrial layout in greater efforts, to avoid vicious competition, duplication and promote dislocation development, "if the center of the city and developed into function diffusion stage, through the overall layout and the county a district, the district will promote the upgrade to a higher level, to the districts and bring more development opportunities". The current deputy director of the Wuhan Municipal Committee of agriculture, Shu Yan, who has worked in Hanyang (now Caidian District) and the Huangpi district government work, has gone through the two counties to set up a regional process. He said that the county and district, only one word, but the treatment is far from, especially in the positioning of higher levels of government, the county is generally dominated by agriculture, city commercial or service industry and other non-agricultural industries. The.相关的主题文章: